Why no guys?

This is a question we get asked over and over again… usually by guys.

The Titanides are a group of female entrepreneurs, marketers, and copywriters dedicated to building a new arena. One where dynamic, creative women mentor, elevate, and support each other on the journey to success.

And for five years now, we’ve been helping women… women just like you… level up in their careers, lean into their personal power, and make the impact they want in the world.

We’d love for you to join us.

Why? Well, let me explain…

Actually, first let me introduce myself.

Marcella Allison, Founder of the Titanides

I’m Marcella Allison, founder of the “Not-So-Secret” Order of the Titanides.

And I’ve spent decades working with men – brilliant, talented, successful men…

… as a financial analyst for early-stage venture capital investments

… as a business manager of a multimillion-dollar international art gallery

… as a freelance copywriter generating $100 million in sales for top direct response companies like The Motley Fool, BottomLine, Advanced Bionutritionals, Money Map Press and more…

… as a copy chief and mentor to hundreds of copywriters…

And I’m grateful to every single one of my male mentors who helped me succeed.

Every one.

But now, I want to pay it forward… to WOMEN.

You see, I believe that once we have achieved a high level of success, we owe it to other women to open the door and show them the way. I believe in paying it forward… and backward… and sideways… to as many women as I can.

That’s why I founded the Titanides five years ago.

Because study after study shows…

Women need “a room of their own” if they want to succeed at the highest levels in any industry.

Look, I mentor guys all the time. And I’ve been lucky enough to be mentored by some of the best men in the business. I’m also married to the best man I know and I’ve raised two amazing sons.

So this is NOT some man-hating, bra-burning, torch and pitchfork wielding vendetta!

Though I’ve definitely been accused of that…

I’ve dealt with charges of “reverse sexism” from men and been told I was no better than the old boys clubs that refused to admit women…
Another guy wanted to know if I burned men in effigy at my events…
And one dude even asked me for directions to the nearest “gentlemen’s club”…

Those comments FIRE ME UP.

Because those men complaining? They’re trying to make it about them.

And it’s not about them.

This is about mentoring more women to succeed in the male-dominated world of direct response and online advertising…

Because when it comes to mentoring women…

There is a ton of research to prove that women need women-only networks to succeed.

That’s why the Titanides is for women-only. No dudes.

So if you’re reading this and you’ve got the “wrong equipment” to join us… just put the toilet seat back down and step away.

We’ll catch you at the bar afterwards and we can all have a drink together.

But if you’re a woman (or you identify as a female), and you’re a copywriter, marketer, editor, content writer, CEO or freelancer, come on in.

We want to raise you up and watch you soar!

Why Women Need a Separate Women-Only Network to Succeed

New research in the Harvard Business Review reveals that you need a separate women-only network if you want to land the biggest gigs with the biggest pay and the most authority.

Recently, researchers followed a bunch of bright-eyed job-hunting MBA students. Now these researchers already knew that networking is key to professional advancement.

But they also knew that men are more likely to rise to leadership roles in organizations. So they wanted to know… is there a difference between how men and women network that could affect their professional success?

Spoiler alert: The answer is yes.

They discovered that men benefit from being central in a network of well-connected peers from multiple groups. No surprise there.

Women also benefit from being central in a network with lots of connected “hubs.” But it turns out that women need more if they want to achieve the same level of pay and prestige as the men.

Women need a second inner circle of close women-only contacts.

That’s because women seeking high-level positions “often face cultural and political hurdles that men typically do not.” The study showed that women also need an inner circle of women to share private information with each other. This insider information helps women find more jobs. It boosts interviewing and negotiating strategies too.

In fact, women who have BOTH a central network of connected peers… AND a second women-only inner circle… land jobs with 250% BETTER pay and greater authority!

In contrast, those women who are central in the network with lots of connections but with NO female inner circle end up with the lowest pay and the lowest authority. Yikes!

Look, the data is clear. Even if you have the exact same qualifications, education, and work experience as a man… if you want to land an executive position with higher pay and higher authority … you need other WOMEN to help.

Or as Shelley Zalis, honorary Titanide and founder of The Female Quotient, put it, “There is a power in the pack.”

Another honorary Titanide, Laura McGee, serves as the CEO of Diversio, a company that uses AI to help companies solve diversity problems. She points out that senior men sponsor fewer women, and this hurts your chances of advancing. And the best way to compensate is to build strong relationships with other women who become your sponsors and mentors.

But that’s not all women need to succeed…

How Attending a Women-Only Conference Can Help You Earn More Money, Get the Promotion, and Generally Feel Like a Badass

We also need what I call “a room of our own”.

I was reading yet another article in the Harvard Business Review. This one was by Shawn Achor. He wrote a book I love called Big Potential. It’s about how the power of community can increase your chances of success.

Shawn had just spoken at a large women’s conference. He was flying home, and he had the program out on his lap. That’s when they guy next to him asked about it.

When Shawn told him it was from a women’s conference, the guy said something dismissive like, “Does that crap really make any difference?”

In that moment, Shawn was so frustrated at his inability to coherently defend the need for women’s conferences that he decided to do a study to prove it. He called up author and researcher Michelle Gielan, and together they studied 2,600 women across all kinds of jobs and industries who had attended a conference for women.

They decided to measure two things. They wanted to know whether a woman’s attendance at a women’s conference improved her income. Did she in fact make more money?

And they wanted to know if a woman’s attendance at a women’s conference caused her to experience any intangible benefits. Was she less stressed, more confident, more connected?

They were hoping to show a modest improvement so that they could defend themselves against jerks on airplanes. But what they discovered blew their mind.

In the year after a woman attends a women’s conference and connects with her peers, that woman has double the chance of getting a promotion. Double!

Not only that, but she has triple the chance of earning 10% or more in the following year. Triple!

But it’s not just about the money.

Eight out of 10 women’s conference attendees report feeling more optimistic about their future. And 7 out of 10 report feeling more connected.

Now, research shows when you feel more optimistic, you have better business outcomes. And when you feel more connected, you are happier and more successful. So no wonder their income went up!

As a woman, you need an inner circle of trusted women mentors and peers. You need to attend women-only conferences and networking events. And, most importantly, you need a “safe space” to ask for what you need.

You Have to Feel Safe Enough to Take a Risk

Honorary Titanide Amy C. Edmondson is a Professor of Leadership and Management at Harvard Business School. She’s been studying organizations for over two decades.

And her research shows that we all need “psychological safety” to succeed. Psychological safety is basically a fancy way of saying that we feel safe enough to take risks. We are willing to be vulnerable. And we are not afraid of being punished when we make a mistake.

Too often women haven’t felt safe at work or even in their own homes…

That’s why we need a place where women feel safe enough to take risks, to speak their mind, and to be creative… all without getting attacked. And it’s one of the most important factors for success in any group.

A couple of years ago, the scientists on Google’s famous People Analytics team decided to try to figure out how to build the perfect high-performing team. They code named their experiment “Project Aristotle.”

What the Google geeks discovered was that if you want to succeed as a top performer in today’s world, you need two things…

First, you have to understand the importance of social connections. You have to get that other people matter, not just yourself.

And second, you need to help create an environment where everyone’s ideas are respected and shared equally.

It turns out that the top performing teams at Google all had ONE thing in common. They all had a high level of psychological safety.

The bottom line is that for technology geeks, or writers, or marketers, or entrepreneurs to succeed, we all need to feel safe.

When women feel “psychologically safe,” they are more open-minded, more resilient, more motivated and more persistent. And all of that helps you to be more successful.

So after decades of working with men… lots and lots of men… talented, successful, caring, brilliant men…

I decided to build a new arena. One deliberately designed to help women succeed.

The result is what we lovingly call, the “Not-So-Secret” Order of The Titanides.

Nice Midwestern Girl Accidentally Starts a Female Uprising

Several years ago, I found myself at yet another conference without a single woman speaker on the stage… not one.

Now when some women heard about this, they decided to boycott the conference. And I get it. That’s a totally valid response.

But I’m a nice Midwestern girl, and one of my male mentors was hosting the conference. He had done a lot to support me in my career over the years. So after talking to him about it, I decided to do something different…

I decided to hijack every woman in the room and form our own private group instead. I grabbed all the women I could find at the conference, and I invited them to a small intimate dinner at the hotel that night.

Together, we created a safe, secure space where the women could share their stories, their triumphs and tragedies, both personal and professional.

It was the one place where new female marketers, entrepreneurs and copywriters just starting out could sit and have conversations with seasoned female veterans. Without worrying they would be judged or misunderstood or rudely interrupted.

Then, after the dinner was over, I created a private online community where the women could continue to share their experience, knowledge, and expertise with each other. Where younger women could be mentored and empowered. And where we could all continue to cheer one another on.

But you have to be careful…

Not all women’s groups are created equal

At our most recent Titanides dinner, a woman came up to me to share that she had been to a women’s empowerment event in her corporate world, and it was dreadful. She wanted to tell me how grateful she was for our community and how different it was.

Another Titanide, Kim Krause Schwalm, recently posted an article in the Titanides Facebook group about an epic fail by Ernst and Young. Their so-called women’s event included advice on how to “dress and act nicely” around a man.

This is NOT what the Titanides are about. Ever.

In Greek mythology, the Titanides were the six goddesses who ruled heaven and earth. And they included the mother of the muses. What better archetype for a group of female copywriters, marketers and entrepreneurs than a bunch of creative, badass, take-no-prisoners goddesses who rule the world?

Over the past five years, our small band of eighteen women has grown to over 600 chicks… and still no dicks.

Together we’ve created…

  • Our private Facebook group, where we actively co-mentor each other, hold a protected space for honest discussion, share job opportunities, and more
  • Our Fearless Fast Writes and monthly Salon Sessions, where we punch through boundaries and unlock new creative insights
  • Our book of wit and wisdom from women in business, Why Didn’t Anybody Tell Me This Sh*t Before?
  • Our weekly vlogs focused on top-tier copywriting tactics, well-seasoned (sometimes salty) career advice, and the mindset you need to grow, thrive, and stay sane
  • Our thought-provoking e-letter that reveals the good, the bad, the ugly, and the OMG, WTF? of what it takes to succeed at the highest levels
  • And of course, our unique live events, annual retreats, and conference meet-ups where women from around the world connect, inspire, and elevate themselves and each other.

I’ll confess, when I invited 18 women to that first dinner in Stamford, Connecticut, I had no idea what I was starting…

I just knew that I wanted more women in my life. More female mentors, coaches, peers, colleagues. I knew I needed a private women-only space where we could share a glass of wine with each other and talk shop or shopping.

I wanted to be able to discuss business or boyfriends, close deals or vent… all without worrying it would come back to bite me in the ass.

Most importantly, I wanted a place where I could help inspire, empower, and mentor other women to succeed. Because ALL of us can benefit from being surrounded by more smart, talented, successful women.

The Titanides has turned into a kind of “magical unicorn” that continues to feed and nurture my soul in so many ways and to change the lives of so many women…

These are just a few of the emails I’ve received from women in our community…

… it’s weird but wonderful. Scary but safe. It’s an unexplainable, wild, raw experience but one that is absolutely worth it. Give yourself a gift and just try it.
~ Kristen Stelzer

All I could keep thinking was, “I am so honored to be in the midst of such fine, brave women.” Thank you.
~ Mary Rose Maguire

Thank you so much for including me yesterday. It was a joy to witness what you created – what a beautiful group of women! After a particularly frustrating day of feeling unheard, it was magical to be part of something where everyone listens and respects each other…
~ Kerri Shannon

And we’re just getting started…

Together we want to do even more in 2020. We’re cooking up plans for…

  • An expanded marketplace for finding and supporting female copywriters, marketers, graphic designers, coaches and business owners
  • Interactive Fearless Fast Write + Salon discussion sessions with “leading ladies” from all over the world… your chance for meaningful connections with some of the most inspiring minds in our business
  • A private discussion forum away from Facebook (with all the fun sharing and interactive features we already love)
  • An expanded version of our much-loved “No ROI” community retreat in Loretto, Kentucky
  • Our first Titanides-exclusive multi-day conference, focused on meeting YOUR needs, multiplying YOUR power, and elevating YOUR career as a female creative

I Believe that More is More

In the Titanides, we practice abundance. That means you don’t just get mentoring and support from me.

You get mentoring, teaching, training, feedback, and coaching from the best women in our industry today.

Our private Facebook community, women-only events, and trainings feature women like…

  • Carline Anglade-Cole, kick-butt direct response alternative health copywriter
  • Abbey Woodcock, founder of The Freelance Co-op
  • Kim Krause Schwalm, A-List copywriter and copy mentor
  • Pauline Longdon, emotional direct response copywriter and founder of The Copy Alchemist
  • Rachel Mazza, co-host of The Business of Writing Podcast
  • Laura Gale, editor, writer, and author of How to Write This Book
  • Jen Adams, Director of the Professional Writers’ Alliance
  • Angie Colee, copy chief, mentor, and leader of the island of corporate misfits
  • Lo Morgan, industry pioneer and founder of Red Hot Copy
  • Ilise Benun, Mentor/Business Coach for Designers, Copywriters & Creative Professionals
  • Monica Day, coach, mentor, founder and chief instigator at MAD Life
  • Allison Carpio, A/B split testing expert and author of Shut Up and Take My Money!
  • Melanie Warren, creator of the Action Cue Formula System
  • Kira Hug, conversion copywriter and co-founder of The Copywriter Club
  • Laura Belgray, founder of Talking Shrimp

And hundreds of amazing women like them…

Collectively, we’ve helped the women of the Titanides find jobs, fill key vacancies at the companies they own, and find partners to grow.

We’ve passed over our best scripts and one-liners for negotiating up our rates, dealing with deadbeats, and setting boundaries against scope creep and sexism.

And almost every day, we’re risen up to new challenges, questions, and opportunities to support each other.

But all of this takes money, love, time, attention, and nurturing.

That’s why, to help us “hold the space” that is the Titanides, my partner, Jen Adams, and I decided to build the Titanides on the patron model.

So if you respect our mission…

If you want to join us in a new arena…

Pledge Your Support Now

As a Patron, You’ll Receive…

When you join us now as a patron of our community, here’s what you’ll get:

  • Ongoing access to our private discussion spaces, including the community on Facebook
  • Viewing privileges on our members-only archives (this is the ONLY place to see videos from our past live events, including custom workshops on pricing, owning the female voice in marketing campaigns, and earning your seat at the table)
  • Special “first look” access for all our upcoming events, conferences, and coaching sessions, which often have strict attendance limits and fill up fast
  • Exclusive members-only discounts on all our upcoming events and products, including our skill-building and mindset training programs as well as our revolutionary retreat sessions in Kentucky.
  • A 24/7 fast track on job connections, a safe place to ask questions, copywriting feedback, mentoring, late night carb loading and wine drinking bitch sessions, and so much more.

That means…

The next time you have a question or, god forbid, a client crisis, you have a protected space to get help, practical advice, and a sympathetic listening ear.

The next time we do a literary salon, you’ll have first dibs on claiming a seat so you can ask questions, contribute to the conversation, and share in the full experience as an active participant.

And the next time we gather for an event or retreat… which always has space limits… you’ll be able to register first.

Pledge Your Support Now

Why Do It Alone Any Longer?

As a woman in this business, you’ve seen how it is…

You know what it’s like to feel alone, unheard, and under-valued.

And you don’t have to put up with it.

You don’t have to “struggle through” and fight your way to where you want to be all by yourself.

Remember, all those eggheads at Harvard don’t lie. Women need women to succeed. (As if we needed a study to tell us that…)

Become a patron today. Get – and give – the support we all need, because the truth is, we all rise together.

Pledge Your Support Now


Marcella Allison,
Founder of the “Not-So-Secret Order of the Titanides”