Lessons From Titanides

Marcella and Laura met at a marketing event in late 2017. Laura was helping the host write his own book at the time, and with her characteristic verve, Marcella told Laura about a collection of 20 mentoring letters she had printed for her community of female copywriters, marketers, and entrepreneurs after an event of her own.

That little collection had made such a huge impression on her community that she wanted to expand the project to include many more successful women and to take it to a much bigger audience.

And so, ‘Why Didn’t Anyone Tell Me This Sh*t Before?’ started to take shape. From the leaders of multimillion-dollar companies to ‘solopreneurs’ and every position in between, these letters are a testament to the strength, resilience and ingenuity of women making their way in the world.

Marcella’s community — called the (Not-So-Secret) Order of the Titanides (named for the female figures in Greek mythology descended from the gods, who represent so many interesting characteristics in us all) — is full of women who are using their success and platforms to create meaningful change in how women do business and show up in their own communities.

At this pivotal moment in time, when the ‘MeToo’ movement is in full swing, when feminism is having a rebirth and when women are ever more visible and influential in the economic, sociopolitical and cultural spheres, this book tells a story that every woman needs to hear, whether she is an entrepreneur or not: that despite the challenges women continue to face in the workplace and wider society, they have the power to direct their own lives — and in so doing, to change the world for the better.

This book is our contribution to that critical conversation, a tool for collective mentorship from ordinary women who have created their own success. These are not distant celebrities, or the scions of established families, but everyday women from a range of backgrounds, cultures and sensibilities.

Their wisdom and lessons twine together to create a lifeline, particularly for women in entrepreneurship and business, that will show each reader that they are not alone, that someone has faced similar trials and prevailed, and that good can come out of even the most challenging situations.

These letters — 67 in total — cover an extraordinary range. Far from being a book of platitudes or soothing fairy tales, this book tells it like it is. Some letters are raw and shocking, others are funny and uplifting.

Whether we’re on the entrepreneurial road or we’re more ‘intrapreneurial’, we are all looking for insights into the personal and professional situations that take us to the edge of our abilities. This book is both lifeline and roadmap, and we encourage you to see that you are made from the same stuff as all these women.

Take courage, and borrow from their strength. Give yourself some grace, and learn from their lessons. And trust that the triumph, joy and hopefulness they have earned is waiting for you too.

And if you see yourself reflected in these pages, join us in the Titanides community. You have a place with us, and we’re waiting for you.

— Laura Hanly & Marcella Allison.