Who Are Titanides?

The ancient Titanides were complex, beautiful, fierce creatures – just like the modern day women in this group. These powerful Greek goddesses and their descendants were warriors, leaders, creators, fiercely protective mothers, wives and patrons.

They demanded their dues and never allowed disrespect or dismissal to go unchecked. They believed themselves to be worthy of the best the universe had to offer. They knew what they wanted, and they used every tool at their disposal to get it.

The ancient Titanides were not simple creatures, but complex, multi-faceted characters. They could be generous and vengeful. Kind and manipulative. Creative and cruel.

Like the ancient Titanides, today’s Titanides are definitely multi-faceted.

But the women in our modern day Titanides community are not wrathful like the goddesses could be. They are not vengeful. They do not tear other women down to soothe themselves.
Our Titanides are dedicated to building women up.

So who are we?

We are risk takers

The original Titanides were creators of their destiny, moving and shaping the world into what they wanted it to be. And so are the modern-day Titanides. You see, studies show that no matter how overqualified or overprepared a woman may be, she often still hesitates to take the leap. And we miss out on opportunities because of it. That’s why Titanides encourage each other to grab opportunities when they appear, not when you think you might be ready for it. You can count on us for a friendly shove, a shout of encouragement, or the confidence to jump when you need it.

We are resilient

Whether in business or in life, resilience is key. Because no matter how great life looks on social media, the road to everything you desire will never be a straight, smooth path. Life is going to twist and turn in unexpected ways. You’re going to fall down. And when the worst happens, Titanides get back up. We brush each other off, and help carry one another across the finish line. Every time. Our community is a safe space where you can share the stories of your setbacks, defeats and all-is-lost moments, without judgment or criticism. And when you succeed, we’ll be the first to pop the cork on the champagne!

We are generous

Titanides practice generosity. We believe in freely sharing our resources and knowledge with each other. This could mean mentoring and teaching across all levels, or introducing a fellow member to a new contact or opportunity. At some point, someone held a door open for you, and we all benefit when you open a door for the next woman. And you don’t have to be a 20-year business veteran to share what you know. Every woman has something to offer at every stage of the journey. If you’ve been in business for one month, you have 30 days more experience than the woman who started today, so help a sister out!

Discover how to join the (Not So Secret) Order of the Titanides here and experience a supportive community that will help you succeed in business (and in life).