Never Before Revealed:

For the first time, two in-demand A-list copywriters take you behind the scenes for an in-depth “before and after” breakdown of their successful $4.5 million financial promotion launch

The best way to learn from a successful promo is NOT to break down the perfect finished final copy…

It’s NOT to listen to a copywriter drone on and on about their brilliant lines, or their amazing insights into consumer psychology…

It’s NOT to hand copy the promotion until your fingers cramp…

The best way to learn is to compare the “shitty first draft” to the final draft.

Because simply knowing the parts of a promotion isn’t enough.

You can take all the copywriting courses you want and you can learn to assemble a draft promo with all the basic parts.

But, if you really want to be able to consistently write multimillion-dollar promos…

Then you MUST know how to take that shitty first draft and turn it into a lean, mean, selling machine.

And it’s nearly impossible to learn that skill by trial and error.

You need an expert copywriter or copy chief to show you the process.

Here’s the thing: Most copywriters will NEVER show you their shitty first drafts. Frankly, their overinflated egos can’t handle the risk of humiliation.

But if you know anything about Marcella Allison, then you know that there is nothing she won’t share in order to help YOU learn and grow.

Marcella Allison

Marcella has written multiple multimillion-dollar controls for both financial and alternative health companies over her 15 year plus career. She’s the 2018 AWAI Copywriter of the Year. And she’s an in demand copy chief and mentor to hundreds of copywriters today.

But more than anyone else, Marcella believes in sharing what she’s learned along the way.

So ego be damned, Marcella’s going to lay it all out there for you to see.

Not only that, she’s not just sharing her own shitty drafts… which would be worth it alone…

She’s going to share the exact feedback and comments she received on her most recent $4.5 million-dollar promo from not one… not two… but THREE of the top copy chiefs and consultants at Money Map Press.

Not only that, but she called in a special favor and she’ll be joined LIVE by the lead chief on this project, Henry Bingaman.

Henry Bingaman

Henry is one of the heavy-hitters at Money Map Press. He writes and chiefs $40+ million dollars’ worth of promotions for MMP every year. He also currently holds the record for the biggest front-end launch day in Agora (not just Money Map) history.

Now, if you’ve ever been lucky enough to watch Marcella and Henry teach together, it’s not only informative, it’s highly entertaining. One up and coming copywriter described it as watching “grumpy cat critique Dory”!

This critique is your chance to get inside the heads of two highly successful copywriters as they walk you through a comparison of the shitty first draft and the final copy.

Listen to what Carolynn Ananian, Junior Copywriter at Money Map Press says about this rare opportunity…

“Any copywriter who’s serious about leveling up needs to attend this training. I would question anyone who doesn’t.

As a copywriter, it’s super easy to get distracted by shiny objects (I’m guilty of this). It’s easy to forget the way you leapfrog in your career is by shadowing the pros and seeing firsthand how a multi-million-dollar promo gets made. No book can do that for you.

Most copywriters will never do this, by the way. Because they don’t want to do the work, or they don’t know how to get in the door with a pro.

When 2 of the most successful copywriters in the world invite you to a back room to watch the sausage get made, you don’t ask questions, you jump.”

Mark Your Calendars

On Wednesday, August 21st from 12:30 pm – 2:30 pm Eastern, Marcella and Henry are going to take you behind the scenes of their most recent $4.5 million (and counting) successful promo launch for Cannabis Power Trader.

Together they will walk you through the entire process from the “shitty first draft” to the final video sales letter. You’ll see never-before-shown “before and after” copy comparisons and discover the most critical changes along the way. Most importantly, they’ll share the all-important WHY behind each change.

Don’t miss this two-hour session on Wednesday, August 21st from 12:30 pm – 2:30 pm Eastern. This is the first time they’ve ever done this outside of the elite copy training inside Money Map Press. And there’s no guaranteeing they’ll do it again.

Here’s just a taste of what you’ll find when you sign up…

  • How they developed the big idea behind the Cannabis Power Trader launch including the “cannabis lots” metaphor. This is so much more than a “noun replacement”… it’s a masterclass on how to successfully develop a big idea so that’s it’s fully incorporated in the entire promotion.
  • How to explain a complicated trading strategy like options on cannabis stocks in a new and exciting way. You’ll get to see all the failed attempts along the way and the ancient Greek secret that worked in the end.
  • The master level skill you need to write a great close… It makes the prospect feel like they are buying a life changing experience not a widget!
  • The fatal flaw Marcella made that almost sunk the ship. Ignore this one at your peril. Plus how Mike Ward pulled it out in the 11th hour and helped Marcella save the day.
  • The Hollywood screenwriting tricks Jedd and Henry used to take an ordinary idea and turn it into a Shonda Rimes worthy opening.

Marcella and Henry will share all the nitty, gritty of each of these lessons. Plus they’ll have Q&A at the end so you can ask all your questions and get an honest, real-time response.

Register Now (Or Wish You Had…)

Secure your spot to learn 5 master level strategies from elite, A-list copywriters.

Then, get ready to take your projects from mildly successful to wildly successful.

You can secure your seat in this rare insiders session for $199.

That’s a steal… especially when you consider the potential income gains you’ll make if an insight from Marcella and Henry helps you boost the response rate on your next campaign.

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Live Attendee Bonus!

When you register now, in addition to two full hours of direct access to Marcella and Henry, you’ll also get access to the recorded session which you can refer back to over and over. No need to take notes. Just listen and learn!

Oh, and one more thing. If you know someone outside of Henry and Marcella’s inner circle that might be interested… feel free to pass this page link along to them so they can register, too.

See you August 21st at 12:30!