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Spend some quality time with our Fearless Leader and her special guests in our Literary Salon Archive. These calls start with an intimate Fearless Fast Write. And then the learning begins as participants get to pick a couple of big brains in the business. Don’t miss the valuable lessons tucked into these conversations.

Same Words, Different Language with Special Guest Barbara Annis (June 2021 Literary Salon)

Discover the fascinating brain science behind the difference in how men and women think and how you can apply it to life at home and work.

Risk Forward with Special Guest Victoria Labalme (July 2021 Literary Salon)

Discover why indecision and the unknown might just be the most powerful stops along your journey, even if it feels like you’re “supposed” to have a clear path forward.

Literary Salon – Yanik Silver – Cosmic Journaling (August 2021)

Yanik Silver did not create your stereotypical writing journal. And all the ladies that participated in the Literary Salon live understand why I devoured his journal in a week when it first came out.