Shelly Krehbiel

Shelley Krehbiel divides her time between a number of vocations, including event promotion, magazine publishing, hotel management, writing and natural skin care. A serial entrepreneur, she hasn’t decided what she wants to do when she grows up. Shelley retired from her first career eight years ago to live life on the road. Traveling full time provides some challenges, but also adds adventure, her true passion.

The Healing Hippy is an all natural skin care line that creates and sells deodorants and balms for the discerning customer. Let’s Be a Hippy, not smell like one. Practice your creativity, freedom and spirit without getting bogged down with synthetic chemicals.

We are in the middle of a re-brand and the Titanides are the first to see the new logo. Number one seller is our all natural deodorant. New scents coming soon. Visit us on Facebook or click here to shop with us online.