Jenny Thompson

A SafetyPINTM is a fast track to trust for people you meet online.

Think about it… These days we use the internet for everything—hiring a babysitter, finding a date, renting out a room. But we know almost nothing about the person we’re about to meet or let into our home.

That’s where SafetyPIN comes in.

It’s the best way to know someone you met online is safe to meet offline. And assure them that you are, too. Our proprietary 4-pronged process screens criminal, financial, and personal history, and combines those with a behavioral profile. If you meet our criteria, you’re awarded a unique SafetyPIN you can share with people on sites like, TaskRabbit,, Airbnb, CouchSurfing, and your favorite dating sites…anywhere.

Rest assured, your personal information and data are encrypted and protected using the latest in data security.

Apply today for only $1 and pay only $1/month for your first 6 months! (Then ask anyone working in or around your home and family to apply too!). Click here to find out more.