Hillary Weiss

Hillary Weiss is the creator and teacher of The Wordshops copywriting course, and the chief copywriter, ghostwriter, and brand voice expert over at hillaryweiss.com. Through her speaking, 1-1 client work, and coaching, she’s helped over 500 brands find their voice, and get seen & heard with content that truly speaks their language, and fits their phenomenal work. Because words that lift hearts, ignite minds, and get results can do more than just change your business – they can change the world too.

And now: are you ready to become your business’s savviest spokesperson… and get your dream customers tripping over themselves to buy from you? Are you itching to finally get your new Home, About, or Sales page written (without having to pay $2,000+ in copywriter fees?)

Step into The Wordshops, where you won’t just learn to write killer copy, you’ll also explore how to embrace your own creative voice and point of view, understand your brand story, and sell your stuff like hotcakes — slime free.

For all the juicy details, and to get started on your Home, About or Sales page today, hop over to https://thewordshops.org/