Abbey Woodcock

One thing nobody tells you about freelancing is that to be successful, you need three distinct skills —

1. How to be great at your craft
2. How to find paying clients
3. How to run a business

A quick google search and you’ll find a lot of resources on #1, a few on #2, and basically none on #3. Which is fascinating, because to me it’s the most important component of becoming a successful freelancer. Where do you learn how to create a proposal, what to include in your contract, the sweet spot of client communication, time management and how to get amazing testimonials?

Ask any successful freelancer where they learned these skills and their answer will be the same: “by messing it up enough times” Which is why I created The Business of Copy. Here you’ll find exclusive resources like contract and proposal templates, software discounts, pricing guides, project management tools and training, and even on-call experts in topics like taxes, contracts law, outsourcing, and more. There’s nothing theoretical about the resources inside the Business of Copy. Only proven, instantly applicable resources from top-earning professional freelancers. Get everything you need to run your business like a pro, the second you join.