Titanides Marketplace

Welcome to the Titanides Marketplace! The vision for this space is to provide us with a one-stop directory for all the offerings that women in our community provide. Just like the Agora in Ancient Greece, here we are able to see what other women are creating and selling, and how we might not only learn from them but also collaborate and use our resources to support them. Not only will you be able to find those who provide mentoring, coaching, and courses to help you grow your career, but also those who might contribute their talents to your business or project.

There is a wide variety of entrepreneurs in our community who sell amazing products from skin care to software; by seeking first woman powered companies for the products you’re looking for or recommending them to others, you are better able to support our mission to empower women businesses.

If you’d like to nominate yourself or another entrepreneur for the Titanides Marketplace, please reach out to us at titanidesconference@gmail.com.

Carline Anglade-Cole

“Niche yourself … love what you do … write copy that connects and helps people – and the money will follow!”

Carline Anglade-Cole, winner of the 2017 AWAI Copywriter of the Year Award (the ‘Academy Award’ of the copywriting industry), million-dollar copywriter,  author, and consultant offers books, special reports, and other recourses that break down the anatomy of copywriting, teach others how to write “kick-butt” copy and get paid!  Carline has managed to create multi-year controls for leading clients in the health industry including: Health Resources, True Health, Healthy Directions, Boardroom, Biscayne Labs, Schweiz Health, Vitamin Research Group, and NeoGenis – just to name a few – consulted and helped international clients break into the American health market … oh – and got a shot at launching Oprah’s “O Magazine” in the direct mail arena! Her books and consulting resources include many words of wisdom to help you find your niche! Learn More.

Monica Day

There is a “forgotten language” that can give you mastery over every aspect of your life. If you want to experience more joy and vibrancy, to feel soulfully and spectacularly alive, and to be more confident in who you are and what you want, click here.

Pauline Longdon

Pauline Longdon, copywriter, marketer, best selling author, and speaker, shares her perspective on the world of copywriting, marketing and mindset. She adds some fresh humor to help us to laugh at ourselves, to never sell ourselves short, and to keep moving forward. This blog helps you get to know Pauline, her writing style and views on the industries where she spends most of her time. Check out this blog, leave a comment or two to get a conversation started!

Kevin Rogers

Copy Chief is where pro copywriters go to level up in skill, peer group and client base. Exclusive trainings with the top producers in marketing plus real time case studies put you in the know for every kind of copy.

Kim Krause Schwalm

In her Virtual LA Boot Camp Intensive, veteran A-list copywriter Kim Krause Schwalm shares her biggest lessons from writing dozens of million-dollar controls. She’s boiled down her process into a 5-point system you can use to take your copywriting skills to the next level.

Kim reveals how early in her freelance career, she beat Parris Lampropoulus’ 7-year control—and became the first female copywriter to get a Boardroom control.

She also shares how, after bombing the first time, she beat a control written by the late, legendary Jim Rutz (not just once, but twice!) And she gives you plenty of other promo examples where she’s used her hard-won strategies to write successful controls that pay out royalties for as long as 10 years or more.

Grab the complete program or find out more details at the following link—and use this special savings code to save 20%: Titanides20


Jenny Thompson

A SafetyPINTM is a fast track to trust for people you meet online.

Think about it… These days we use the internet for everything—hiring a babysitter, finding a date, renting out a room. But we know almost nothing about the person we’re about to meet or let into our home.

That’s where SafetyPIN comes in.

It’s the best way to know someone you met online is safe to meet offline. And assure them that you are, too. Our proprietary 4-pronged process screens criminal, financial, and personal history, and combines those with a behavioral profile. If you meet our criteria, you’re awarded a unique SafetyPIN you can share with people on sites like Care.com, TaskRabbit, Rover.com, Airbnb, CouchSurfing, and your favorite dating sites…anywhere.

Rest assured, your personal information and data are encrypted and protected using the latest in data security.

Apply today for only $1 and pay only $1/month for your first 6 months! (Then ask anyone working in or around your home and family to apply too!). Click here to find out more.

Hillary Weiss

Hillary Weiss is the creator and teacher of The Wordshops copywriting course, and the chief copywriter, ghostwriter, and brand voice expert over at hillaryweiss.com. Through her speaking, 1-1 client work, and coaching, she’s helped over 500 brands find their voice, and get seen & heard with content that truly speaks their language, and fits their phenomenal work. Because words that lift hearts, ignite minds, and get results can do more than just change your business – they can change the world too.

And now: are you ready to become your business’s savviest spokesperson… and get your dream customers tripping over themselves to buy from you? Are you itching to finally get your new Home, About, or Sales page written (without having to pay $2,000+ in copywriter fees?)

Step into The Wordshops, where you won’t just learn to write killer copy, you’ll also explore how to embrace your own creative voice and point of view, understand your brand story, and sell your stuff like hotcakes — slime free.

For all the juicy details, and to get started on your Home, About or Sales page today, hop over to https://thewordshops.org/

Abbey Woodcock

One thing nobody tells you about freelancing is that to be successful, you need three distinct skills —

1. How to be great at your craft
2. How to find paying clients
3. How to run a business

A quick google search and you’ll find a lot of resources on #1, a few on #2, and basically none on #3. Which is fascinating, because to me it’s the most important component of becoming a successful freelancer. Where do you learn how to create a proposal, what to include in your contract, the sweet spot of client communication, time management and how to get amazing testimonials?

Ask any successful freelancer where they learned these skills and their answer will be the same: “by messing it up enough times” Which is why I created The Business of Copy. Here you’ll find exclusive resources like contract and proposal templates, software discounts, pricing guides, project management tools and training, and even on-call experts in topics like taxes, contracts law, outsourcing, and more. There’s nothing theoretical about the resources inside the Business of Copy. Only proven, instantly applicable resources from top-earning professional freelancers. Get everything you need to run your business like a pro, the second you join.

Kira Hug

The Copywriter Underground is the only place you can go to master your copywriting, your marketing & your mindset. These are the most critical ingredients in any copywriting business. This membership includes new training videos, templates, group coaching calls & resources each month, plus a spot in our exclusive private forum and a subscription to our monthly print newsletter—information, insights & community that’s easily worth thousands of dollars… for just $79/month.

That’s less than almost every copywriter course or training available online. And you don’t just get one training… you get it all.

Shelly Krehbiel

Shelley Krehbiel divides her time between a number of vocations, including event promotion, magazine publishing, hotel management, writing and natural skin care. A serial entrepreneur, she hasn’t decided what she wants to do when she grows up. Shelley retired from her first career eight years ago to live life on the road. Traveling full time provides some challenges, but also adds adventure, her true passion.

The Healing Hippy is an all natural skin care line that creates and sells deodorants and balms for the discerning customer. Let’s Be a Hippy, not smell like one. Practice your creativity, freedom and spirit without getting bogged down with synthetic chemicals.

We are in the middle of a re-brand and the Titanides are the first to see the new logo. Number one seller is our all natural deodorant. New scents coming soon. Visit us on Facebook or click here to shop with us online.

Brit McGinnis

Reach the marketing professionals of tomorrow with The Copy Hostess.

As “the Elvira of copy,” Brit McGinnis brings wit and humor (and a spooky touch) to her work as the CEO of Black Bow Communications. Emails, content, and social media are the game with Brit. She brings structure to brands seeking results from their content, helping them find their truest fans and have the useful (and human) conversations that drive conversations.

Black Bow Communications’s flagship project is The Copy Hostess, a curated copywriting newsletter that provides the best marketing news to the next generation of advertising professionals.

That next generation wants to hear from YOU.

Do you have a tool, a product, or a workshop that will change the marketing world forever? Publish a special dedicated issue of The Copy Hostess to reach your prime audience. With a sky-high open rate and a cult following, you’ll reach the voracious, up-to-the-date readers of the future. They’re ready to hear what you have to say—and jump at the chance to work with you.

To learn more, fly over to blackbowcommunications.com.