It has not been in my nature to join “women’s groups”, yet this turned out to be an extremely useful and powerful/impactful day for me.

Kathleen Patten

The entire day has been a gift. I feel everyone in the room can have a hand in providing me guidance, and helping transformation, including all the messy and chaotic parts.

2017 Attendee

The vulnerability and raw speeches from so many speakers helped me to look at myself and see where I am with my work and emotionally and realize it’s ok.

Laurie Garrison

Was a gift to be around badass women in this industry who just bared every single weakness and vulnerability for us to relate to.

2017 Attendee

I’m grateful for the vulnerability and raw emotion shared throughout the day. The wisdom and guidance of the feminine was greatly appreciated.

Amanda Foxcroft

I have never been to anything like this! I will return.

2017 Attendee

The whole event was a gift (literally) and I am very glad, ecstatic really, that I have been able to attend. I got so very much out of this day. Looking forward to coming back again.

Trudy Black

Oh wow. Thank you all for that fast write today. Who knew you could so deep with things in just five minutes? A lot to be unpacking and growing from … THANK YOU!

Jen Adams

I had to jump off straight after the fast write so I didn’t get the whole gig. BUT … I think it’s worth mentioning to all Titanides, If that’s the only part you have time to attend, just do it. There’s so much value in just a few minutes Thanks for sharing Chris Allsop! Thanks Marcella Allison!

Lyn Marler

What a deep experience, to spend such a short amount of time and get to know you all (and myself) so much better … it’s like a light in the middle of my otherwise everyday day! Thanks, all!

Joyce Hollman

All I could keep thinking was, “I am so honored to be in the midst of such fine, brave women.” Thank you.

Mary Rose Maguire

Marcella, thank you from the bottom of my sandy toes!! Fun, warm, raw, validating, joyful! Big hugs to all!

Shelley Ware

Thanks, Marcella & Jennifer for organizing this! It was wonderful to connect with each of you – and to see what resulted from our 5 minutes of writing. I am looking forward to doing it again!

Diane Sweeney

Thank you, Marcella and Jennifer. What a great experience! It made me slow down my frantic pace and re-connect with the journaling habit. And how wonderful to meet women I hadn’t known before (Diane, and Shelley), and on such intimate terms!

Joyce Hollman