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Be Recognized as an Authentic Authority by Your Peers, Your Clients, and Even Your Family...

...Without Being Labeled a ‘Bossy Bitch’

Sometimes, as a woman, it feels as if you’re damned if you do and damned if you don’t.  

If you stay quiet and hide your expertise, you risk having your work discounted... your authority questioned... and your self worth destroyed.

But if you publicly and confidently own your expertise, then you risk jerks in suits calling you a “bitch”.  And you risk other women throwing shade and cutting you off at the knees.

Today more than ever, the way you position yourself as an authority matters. 

In a down economy, your authentic authority is the difference between struggling to pay the bills, and surviving and even thriving through hard times.

But, if your authority is shaky, invisible or incorrectly established in the first place, you can say goodbye to getting the gig and building your business.

Your authentic authority is what allows you to build trust with your clients and peers.  It’s what encourages people to follow you, support you, and hire you.  

Your authentic authority is what enables you to sell your ideas, land clients, do high quality work and get paid what you are worth -- all without a bunch of blow back from other women or men.

Now is the Time for Women to Step Up and Lead

I’m Marcella Allison, the founder of The Titanides, where powerful, creative women co-mentor, elevate, and support each other on the journey to success. It’s the women-only network I WISH I’d had when I was coming up through the ranks in an industry that’s 90% male.

I founded the Titanides six years ago because I was sick and tired of watching smart, talented women get sidetracked or overlooked. I was fed up with having my authority questioned or discounted simply because I didn’t have a penis.  And I was frustrated by the blow back I got when I dared to open my mouth and speak.

It broke my heart to see so many successful, brilliant women questioning their own authority and self-worth. I couldn’t bear to watch another woman go silent and shut down. I knew something had to be done.

So I founded the Titanides as a way to help elevate more women as leaders and experts in their field. Because research shows that women leaders offer unique strengths. 

We have the ability to weather unexpected storms. We have stronger focus, determination and a clearer understanding of our own strengths and weaknesses. We are resilient.

But the problem is as women, we still live in a business world that is primarily dominated by male leadership styles.

The Authority Gap

The Authority Gap is a unique problem for women. It’s a double bind that women fall into when they try to communicate like men. 


Let’s face it. It’s harder for women to get taken seriously than it is for men.

Research studies show that if women try to communicate like men, they lose. But if they communicate the way that women have been conditioned to for decades, they also lose.

Here’s the dirty secret no one likes to talk about...

In the corporate world, it’s common for men to do the hiring at the upper levels. And men perceive authority differently than women. This means the higher you go, the more likely you are to get stuck in the Authority Gap.

This problem has become deeply entrenched in all industries.  That’s why so many women have fled the corporate jungle for the relative safety of owning their own businesses. 

But even as small business owners, we fall into the Gap. Because male communication styles still dominate the entrepreneurial world as well.

Could a little more bragging and a little
less humility help us rise? 

According to a landmark study in the Harvard Business Review there are significant differences in the way that men and women credentialize themselves.

Overall, women are HALF as effective as men when speaking about their accomplishments. HALF! And that difference matters. A LOT. 

Ultimately, the research showed that women downplay or simply fail to mention their significant accomplishments.  Which means they have a hard time owning success, demanding recognition and projecting confidence.

Study authors Annett D. Grant and Amanda Taylor found that, in general, women make several key mistakes when establishing their authority.

Women tend to…

  • Use fewer numbers
  • Make fewer references to the impact our work has had on the bottom line. (Or any line for that matter.) 
  • Take less credit for products or processes that we developed that helped the client or company
  • Use fewer "I" statements. Instead, we default to "we" statements or remove the subject altogether. As if magic elves launched that new product out of thin air!

What Happens When Women Minimize their Accomplishments?

This is a problem because it means we are not seen as leaders.

As one researcher explained, “Women may be passed over in favor of men because males, who are often in a position to hire, are predisposed to hiring individuals similar to themselves.” 

Because we do not credentialize ourselves in the same way as men, with the same kind of language, our experience can be misinterpreted or overlooked.

Think about this for a second. 

We’re not being seen as leaders, because of something we said… or didn’t say.

This has nothing to do with our expertise, skills or true leadership potential. 

You can be more skilled than the guy next to you, but unless you know the secret code for how to talk about your authority, you’re going to be overlooked or pushed down.

This is an important problem that only you can change.

But it’s a double-edged sword.  

Because as a woman, if you DO showcase your accomplishments, you can be perceived as bragging, even if what you say is 100% true. And bragging can trash your authority almost as fast as false modesty.

Is The Authority Gap Killing Your Career?

As women, we are significantly underreporting our accomplishments, either because
we’re afraid of bragging or because we don’t know how to speak about our credentials

And it’s killing our careers.

And in my experience, the effect is even more damaging for women who own their own businesses.

Despite having written direct mail controls that sold over $100 million, I’ve struggled with credentializing myself for years.  

I have given my authority away without realizing it. I have deflected compliments and accolades.  I have discounted my authority by using ‘we’ instead of ‘I’, even when I led the team or did 90% of the work. I’ve neglected to give specific numbers and details when describing my wins. 

And I’ve straight up forgotten to own my accomplishments when speaking on stages or on the phone with clients.

That sh*t has got to stop. 

Now more than ever, with so much uncertainty in the world, women need to own their authority. We need to be seen as experts and leaders. Because shrinking wallflowers don’t get the gigs.

That’s why I have partnered with my friend and women’s leadership expert, Dr. Cristy Lopez, to bring you a very special opportunity. 

A Special Opportunity For You

We're looking for a small group of women who want to become leaders and authorities in their field... land more more high value clients... speak on more stages... and up their business game. All without being labeled a bossy bitch.

We’ll spend five weeks working together through a proven process with a top psychologist and high performance coach. You’ll go through a series of unique exercises that will help you to get to your core mission and message.  Then you’ll use this knowledge to craft your authentic Expert Positioning Statement.

You can use it to credentialize yourself at events, online, in meetings, on the phone, and in your marketing materials.

Your Expert Positioning Statement will be clear, succinct, easy to remember… and easy to say… whenever you need it.

You’ll also learn exactly how to use the Expert Positioning Formula so you can create new Expert Positioning Statements on the fly for any situation.

Imagine being able to stand up in any room, say a few words, and have the whole room sit up in awe. 

(You don’t have to be an extrovert's extrovert like me to pull this off. You just have to be willing to put in the work up front, so you can benefit for years to come.)

I’ll talk about the details of the course in a minute, but before I get to that, let me introduce Dr. Cristy Lopez…

Introducing Celebrity Psychologist and High-Performance Coach, Dr. Cristy Lopez

Dr. Cristy Lopez specializes in helping high-stressed professionals build next level lives and successful businesses that align with their true self while reducing stress. 

Although she won’t be doing therapy in this course, she brings insights that years of therapy have trained her to see. 

She has helped thousands of high level entrepreneurs and executives over twenty plus years. Dr. Cristy has been a guest expert and after-care referral source for guests on Dr. Phil for ten years. And she's been featured in Entrepreneur, Forbes and Authority.

And even though Dr. Cristy is impressive in her own right, that’s not the only reason I’ve partnered with her for this course. The other reason I partnered with Dr. Cristy is that she’s my own personal coach!

I’ve been working with Dr. Cristy for more than four months now, and I’ve made major shifts in my business and my life. I am more comfortable talking about my credentials and expressing my authority. And I’m learning how to lead from a place of authenticity.

Because I believe in paying it forward, I’ve asked Dr. Cristy to offer this same training to the Titanides.  Because I want YOU to experience these shifts too.

Here’s how the course will work: 

I’ll co-facilitate the classes, create the safe space, and share my experiences with my signature Marcella-style.

Dr. Cristy will give feedback and insight, so you can have your own “ah ha” moments and learn from others. 

And you’ll enjoy a safe container of all women, where you can explore, play, and ultimately come out with a badass Expert Positioning Statement that you can wield like a lightsaber any time you need it.

Sound good?

Now, let’s talk about the details of the course...

What's in the Course?

The Expert Positioning Mastery Course is a 6-session, 5-week course. The classes are held live online.

You’ll be getting together with me, Dr. Cristy Lopez, and a small group of other like-minded women.

We’re going to combine the power and proven results of the Titanides live Fast Writes (and the first ever Fast Draw), with Dr. Cristy’s proven coaching skills and worksheets to create a transformative experience for you.

If you’ve ever done a “salon” with me, then you’re already familiar with the format. 

If you haven’t done a salon with me yet, then you’re in for a treat, because women rave about how quickly the group bonds and how supportive the environment is.

You can expect:

  • Fun, interactive experience. Every class will have a short lesson and a fun exercise that we do together. We’ll do a Fast Write, a Read Around, and/or a simple drawing exercise live on each call.
  • Flash coaching. When Dr. Cristy and I see flashes of brilliance that can benefit the whole group, we’ll share that live in the moment (but you don’t have to share your work, if you don’t want to.)
  • Ongoing support during the 5-weeks. Dr. Cristy will follow up each week with more insights from the take-home exercises to encourage you and help you get the most out of the course.
  • Tangible assets. We will create tangible external “assets” you can see as proof of your internal transformation. This will include journaling, drawing, and your personal Authority Script.

Here are all the details...

Module 1: Assess, Part 1: Who & What

  • Connect to who you are and what you want at the deepest level, so you can easily own your authority.

Module 2: Assess, Part 2: Present Mapping

  • Discover the hidden message that your brain has been trying to reveal to you about what your core authority is.

Module 3: Assess It, Part 3: Purpose & Values

  • Explore and refine your values and purpose, so you can draw from that deep well of energy and resources.

Module 4: Believe It, Part 1: Authority Scripts

  • Write your own "wonder woman" style authority script that you can use in person, online, and in all your marketing materials.

Module 5: Believe It, Part 2: Doubt Detector

  • Discover how to quickly banish doubts, so you'll have the confidence and courage to claim your authority.

Module 6: Communicate It: Future Mapping

  • Create a roadmap that perfectly aligns with your values, expertise and goals, so you can stay on track with your Big Vision.

It’s a lot to cover in 5 weeks, but I’ve seen the power of this system to help women tap into their authentic power and purpose quickly.  

They’ve used that power to position themselves as the experts they truly are. And they’ve done it in a way that feels natural and real rather than forced or ‘fake’.  

General Badassery Abounds

Imagine knowing how to position yourself as an expert, so you can: 

  • Land better jobs 
  • Get bigger clients
  • Book speaking gigs
  • Shine on podcast interviews
  • Get noticed at live industry events, and
  • Get promoted online by peers and visionaries who respect and admire you.

In full transparency, it’s possible that you could learn to do this on your own, like I did.

I spent years struggling to get ahead in a man’s world… first in the realm of corporate finance,  then in the testosterone-laden world of direct response copywriting.

To say these environments are cutthroat would be an understatement.

I tried everything under the sun to establish my authority and get men to respect me and take me seriously.

I’m proud to say that I achieved that goal, but I wouldn’t wish the struggle I went through on any woman, especially a woman who owns her own business.

Women entrepreneurs already struggle to grow their businesses, and they deserve every advantage they can get.

Thank you, Dr. Cristy Lopez. I still have the notes from the class you held and refer to them often. They have been a huge help in reaching my goals.

Laura Luz, Class Participant

A Safe Space for You to Grow and Explore

If you’d like to do this profound and important work in the safe space of the Titanides, then you are invited to join me in the Expert Positioning Mastery Course.

You will be surrounded by a community of powerful women who are here to support you.  The live class format has 3 major advantages over the DIY hope-and-pray method.

  • First, you’ll get to test your skills in a safe encouraging space before taking them into the real world. 
  • Second, you’ll get to see how other women perceive you and your skills, including some skills you might not even have thought about.
  • Third, your experience will be validated by other women who share your doubts and fears as well as your dreams.  

And after the course is over, you’ll get continued support and encouragement from each other, in the Titanides community and at industry events.

The Expert Positioning Mastery Course will be held live, every Tuesday from April 7, 2020 - May 5, 2020 at 7pm ET with one additional session on Friday, April 10, 2020 also at 7pm ET.

All calls will be recorded just in case you miss one, but it’s always better if you can attend live.

Now I gladly pay Dr. Cristy Lopez $450 per session for our work together.  So the value of these 6 sessions alone is $2,700.  But you don’t have to pay anywhere near that amount.  

I want to be sure this course is available to anyone who needs it.  I want to share this experience with you. Because we all rise together.

That’s why the regular price for the Expert Positioning Mastery Course is $997. That’s 63% LESS than what I pay and a savings of over $1,000.  

But if you are a Junior or Senior paid patron of the Titanides, you can save even more with your EXCLUSIVE  DISCOUNT.

Junior Patrons can SAVE an additional $100.  You will only pay $897. (That’s 67% LESS than what I pay Dr. Cristy.)

And as always, the best discounts go to Senior Patrons as my thank you for supporting the Titanides at the highest level. Senior Patrons will only pay $797. You SAVE an additional $200. (A savings of 70% off Dr. Cristy’s regular rates.)

Bonuses for You... Titanides Style

Dr. Cristy and I worked closely together to craft special bonuses that you can’t get anywhere else. I hope you love them as much as I do. Frankly, the bonuses are worth the entire price of the course.

Check it out…

Bonus #1 - Fly On The Wall Copy Review With Cindy Childress. Value $5000 - Yours Free!

As you may know, Cindy Childress is a beloved member of the Titanides. She’s also a badass writer who ghostwrites Amazon best-sellers for big name gurus. 

But what do you do when you’re getting paid to do the job… and then “go away”?

Even though we all struggle to credentialize ourselves, Cindy certainly gets the award for “trickiest service to credentialize.”

Join Laura Gale, Michele Wolk, and me as we copy edit, re-write, and direct websites, emails, webpages, landing pages, and content email so Cindy can launch her courses and products while positioning herself as a go-to authority.

Even if you’re not a ghostwriter, you’ll learn copywriting, funnel creation, and marketing tricks that you can apply to any industry.

If you’ve ever wondered what advice female A-list copywriters and marketers dish out to up-and-coming business women behind closed doors, then this is your chance to sneak behind the curtain and learn from all our juicy insider knowledge.

I typically charge A-list copywriters like Henry Bingaman, David Deutsch, and Barnaby Kalan, $5,000 plus 30% of royalties for this kind of in-depth critique. 

But when I offered a one-time deal of $750 to help raise money for the Titanides, Cindy Childress snapped it up.  Here’s what she had to say about the copy review:

“I do want to say, Marcella, that you have exceeded my expectations dramatically. You went through all that copy with specific notes. You rewrote sections, which I didn't expect. You went into my niche. And you brought Michelle Wolk and Laura Gale whom I so admire into the phone call. You brought in two powerhouses and that wasn't even in the offer.”

In this in-depth copy review you’ll discover:

  • How Cindy went from unemployed, overqualified secretary to elite ghostwriter of Amazon best-selling books… and still had time to become a marathon runner  

  • How to connect your previous achievements to your current business, even if it seems like your background has nothing to do with your new life

  • How to master the trickiest part of any copywriting. Hint: It’s not the headline, lead or close, but it will make or break your copy if you get it wrong 

  • Tell-tale sign that your writing is confusing the reader. If you use this ONE phrase in your copy, it’s a glaring hint that you’ve over complicated things

  • The most powerful word in copy according to the legendary Gary Bencivenga. This one word closes off the exits and compels your prospect to keep reading.

  • “F*ck the bras!” Hilarious lesson from Cindy’s Thanksgiving flash sale promotion.

  • How to write fun, compelling emails that grab your reader’s attention and won’t let go

  • Cindy’s trick for closing 93% of live sales calls for her fitness clients and how you can apply it to your copy today.

  • The one phrase to never ever say in your copy, if you’re a woman. Nothing bleeds off your authority faster than using this phrase… and women do it all the time.

  • Copywriting tips from a top copy editor who has sold millions of dollars in books

  • Best landing page secrets for crafting short, compelling copy that delights your reader and makes her feel right at home

This 90 minute “Fly on the Wall” Copy Review is yours FREE when you join me for the The Expert Positioning Mastery Course.

Bonus #2 -  The Reclaim Your Authority Scripts. Value $400 - Yours Free!

Have you ever opened your mouth to share a great idea, and have someone else take the words right out of your mouth?

Or had someone undermine, question, or outright steal your authority from you?

It’s incredibly frustrating. I know because it’s happened to me plenty of times over the years.

That’s why Dr. Cristy and I worked closely together to craft a set of simple, short, powerful scripts you can use to reclaim your authority on the spot. 

When you’re armed with these scripts, you’ll know exactly what to say and how to respond when someone else steals your work, takes credit for your efforts, or questions your worth. 

You’ll be able to reframe your position to make sure the spotlight still shines on you and your efforts (instead of on the loudest and pushiest people in the room). 

You can use the exact wording in these scripts to stay classy, confident, and credentialed under pressure. Or, you can adapt them to meet your unique situation. Either way, you’re covered.

Bonus #3 -  A Special Gift to Help You Get the Most Out of the Course… delivered straight to your home. Value $25 - Yours Free!

Who doesn’t love lumpy mail? I’m going to send you a special gift straight to your front door. Keep an eye out for a box from the Titanides. You can start the course without this gift, but it’s more fun WITH it. 

When you combine the value of the course, the copy review, scripts, and surprise gift, you’re looking at a full retail value of $8125.

But as I mentioned before, that’s not anywhere close to the price you’ll pay.

Dr. Phil

Host of the Dr. Phil show

Dr. Lopez, Phoenix is lucky to have you!

Special Discounted Pricing for Patron Members

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100% Satisfaction guarantee

Please be aware that I can’t guarantee your results, because your success ultimately depends on you. 

However, there is a full money-back guarantee, if you do the work. 

As long as you can prove that you did all the work, and don’t feel after 60 days that you got your Authority Script nailed down, then I can offer you a full refund. 

Plus, you get to keep all the bonuses valued at $5,425.

If you need additional support, send a message to support@titanides.com and someone from my team will respond immediately.

Expert Positioning Mastery Course is a one-of-a-kind course. 

I’m going to run the course live this time, but I’m not sure if I’ll do it again, because Dr. Cristy’s schedule is jam-packed. 

If you feel like this course could be for you, then I encourage you to sign up.

I’m limiting attendance to 28 women, so I can give my best, focused attention to each woman.

I would LOVE for you to be one of them.

Here’s the link again.

With love,


P.S. Here’s what others had to say about working with Dr. Cristy Lopez, me and the Titanides.

What Dr. Lopez has taught me has made an astounding difference in my life! My overall living experiences have dramatically changed for the better. Professionally, communication was a strength for the first time in my annual review.

Sr. Manager, Multinational Tech Company

A HUGE difference in my life and the lives of others

In 2010 I met Marcella Allison while working as a copy editor at Schaeffer’s Investment Research. I can distinctly hear her telling me, “You’re sharp, creative, and you’ve got a great gut instinct.” She saw the future copywriter in me… before I ever did. 

So from the bottom of my heart--THANK YOU, Marcella. You have made (and continue to make) a HUGE difference not only in my life, but in the lives of so many other women. 

Shannon Housley

Great Way to propel opportunities

This salon was so inspirational. I try to take young people into my firm as paid interns so that they may get experience in the DC political & media arena. I have always felt frustrated because we are limited in how many students we can mentor. 

Marcella's salon, and all of the Titanides' input have given me great ideas on how  to propel opportunities for the many young professionals that are seeking help in DC. Thank you again!

Monica Coleman, JD

Dr. Lopez’ endless words of wisdom impact my daily life. I move through motions differently. Even though I always envisioned myself as one of the happiest people in the world, she has channeled that energy to something bigger, better, and stronger.

From a Family Business

Absolutely worth it

The Salon is an unexplainable, wild, raw experience… and absolutely worth it. Give yourself a gift and just try it.

Kristen Stelzer

really allowed each participant to share

The concept of co-mentoring by community really allowed each participant to share and gain valuable insight from each other, bringing even further value.

Colleen Hauk


I've always gone out of my way to support and highlight women in advertising...

... because their voice is absolutely essential for so many markets (even traditional "male oriented" ones), and freelancing is such a great lifestyle for anyone needing to set their own hours while still pulling down the Big Bucks.


And I learned long ago that women in the biz world are frequently cheated out of their accomplishments, while working longer hours for less pay. 

Which sucks, and needs to be quashed as soon as possible. 

There is NO substitute for having a rabid group of like-minded souls watching your back as you tackle your capitalist goals.

John Carlton

Transform your life

Dr. Cristy Lopez can help you transform your life, career, marriage, and relationships. Whether you’re a busy executive or in a career transition, she will show you how to build your success from the inside out.

Dan Kuschell, Business Growth Specialist