So Are You A Titanides?

So how do you become a Titanides? It’s simple. There are no hazing rituals or secret initiation rites (although that could be fun…).

The only requirements for membership are that you identify as a woman, you have a drive to succeed in business and you can commit to following the Titanides guidelines

If you agree with our guidelines and you want what we’ve created here, then you’re definitely a Titanides! And we would love for you to join our (Not So Secret) Order of the Titanides so you can enjoy a community unlike any other.

There are a few ways to join the party:

1. Sign up for the Titanides email list. (We won’t sell your name to strangers or proposition you with sleazy offers!) When you sign up, you get:

  • Event and meet-up notifications
  • The Fearless Fast Write schedule
  • A heads-up when Marcella posts a new vlog
  • Our monthly Titanides newsletter

We do NOT rent our list to anyone. Our list is exclusive to Titanides and we respect your privacy. Sign up for the Titanides email list below:

2. Request to join the Titanides Facebook group. When you submit a request, a short application will pop up. Answer all the questions and our membership committee will review the answers and welcome you to the fold. Request to join here!

  • If you are already a part of our Facebook community, please keep an eye out for updates, Fast Writes, and ongoing mentoring and inspiration, both before and after events.

3. To contact us directly, please email us at