The Never-Ending Control:
How To Get Paid Royalties For The Next Decade

Imagine going to your mailbox and finding a check for $3,000 or $5,000 or even $10,000 for a package you wrote years ago. For many copywriters this is how they create a recurring, steady income...and now you can too.

(A $10,000 royalty payment recently showed up in my mailbox

for a project I did 4 years ago!)

My Pectasol Detox Formula package for Advanced Bionutritionals made me over $150k in royalties and paid my mortgage for 11 years straight and counting (with a minimum amount of effort on my part to keep it going).

This $150k kept my family housed and warm while life threw it’s best curveballs my way (life has a habit of doing that, right?).

This $150k made sure life's essentials were covered and that my husband and I never needed to worry about losing our home as we helped our son recover from a severe psychotic break.

As I continue to grow my copywriting career, care for my son, and align myself with the best in the industry, it was this 11-year control that had my back and all I had to do was a very minor amount of work to keep it alive.

Today I am going to reveal the exact strategies you can use to ensure you can make more money (from less work) for the next decade.

We both know it takes a huge amount of effort to get a new control. Especially when you write for major direct mail clients.  If you’re going to spend over 150 hours researching and landing that new control… why wouldn’t you want to spend a few hours every six months or so to keep it going?

In my opinion, it’s a lot easier to keep an old control going, than to write an entirely new control every month. Even if you’re not getting royalties, this strategy can still help you “keep the lights on”  and take the financial rollercoaster out of freelance work.

It’s also a great way to make more money from the same clients, over and over again. Using the lessons included in the Never-Ending Control training, you won’t ever have to spend hours marketing yourself. Instead, you could simply pick up the phone and call one of your existing clients and pitch them. This tactic alone will bring you more money than any hefty marketing budget ever could.

Creating an 11-year control is great practice for coming up with new ideas and new approaches. You have to keep pushing yourself to think of new ways to sell the same thing. That’s a great brainstorming exercise. It forces you to consider all angles and cover all your bases. That’s a skill that helps you in all your copywriting.

And finally, when you have your monthly expenses covered with just a small amount of your time, it leaves you free to take on other projects that can give you a big cash injection quickly. Knowing your financial bases are covered by your control gives you the confidence to take bigger risks and train and learn more.

And, that is why I want to teach you how to generate enough “keep-the-lights-on work” so you can still go after the big fish without losing your house or your car or selling your shih tzu!

You spend all this time and energy getting a new control, why not spend a tiny amount more and keep it going?

Well, I’m going to show you EXACTLY how I did it...and it won’t cost you a penny.

I’m going to give you my free Never-Ending Royalties training plus copies of every version of this control that ran for all 11 years.

Every. Single. One. 

(The swipe files alone are worth around $1,000.) 

During this free training, I am also going to go deep into exactly how I kept coming up with new ideas to test and how I turned that single control into a cash cow that paid my mortgage for years spending less than 5 hours a month on it.

Now more than ever, I want you to have the skills to make money that will keep food on the table and the mortgage paid.  I want to give you this training so you don’t ever have to worry about generating a steady income.

During this free training I will reveal:

  • How Oprah helped me come up with one of the best tests we ever ran and why standing in line at the grocery store could be the best thing that ever happened to you.
  • How I get A-list writers to find new ideas for me! Without paying them a single dime.
  • The simple but brilliant trick David Deutsch taught me that lit a new fire under this control and kept it going another 3 years when I was out of ideas.
  • How to take your “clippings” from the cutting room floor when you write and turn them into royalty gold.
  • Where to find those big ideas (that are usually hidden in plain sight within your package) and how to leverage them for thousands more in royalties..
  • What I do differently that makes my clients love me and want to work with me for 11 years.
  • How to stop marketing your business but still book massively profitable clients with just a single call.
  • How I turned a boring legal notice into a breakthrough control.
  • The Gary Bencivenga tip I used to grab this control from another A-list copywriter.
  • The secret I learned from an energy healer that completely changed how I thought about the product and launched a new control. 
  • The David Deutsch “death test” and how it can help you sell thousands more if you use it right.

When you download your copy today, you will get a video copy of the training so you can go back and listen to the aha! moments as many times as you need.

You will also get all the swipe files from the control and additional insights and the wisdom I gained while writing each version. This training is worth over $1000, but they are yours for free.

Check out what people are saying about the Never-Ending Control Training:

“It was great training and even taught a grizzled veteran with past Pectasol controls a thing or two!”

- Kim Krause Schwalm, A-List Copywriter

“Wow! What a momentous training session. It was a dream come true for me. 

I could hardly believe it as I watched a person among the top of her field, share in great detail training methods that we would almost certainly never have gained elsewhere. We learned career-changing information from Marcella, an insider who provided us core material in a clear, understandable format.

Marcella is a special person, a  master of her trade. It took great courage to share the secrets of her methods that she uses to succeed. Yet, she chose to inspire and train others so that we, too, may gain an in-depth knowledge of how to grow and reach higher successes.

It is no wonder that we all rush to our zoom when we learn of the next event!”


- Monica Coleman, President & CEO of Inside Capitol Hill, Inc.

"One great thing about the Titanides is the wealth of training members receive. Today's training was no exception. We got a good look inside the brain of A-list copywriter Marcella Allison, who took us step by step through her process for writing a control... and how she revised it so that it remained a control for over a decade. The tips and tricks she taught us on that call, not to mention the PDFs of the control sales letters, are worth 100 times what I pay to be a Titanides patron."

- Carolyn Gretton, Freelance Copywriter

I want to share the strategies I used to ensure that my copywriting always kept money coming in the door. I want to be able to give you something you can use to come out of the 2020 economic crisis better than when you went in. I can’t wait for you to download this incredible free training and learn the secrets to “getting rich slowly.”



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