Titanides Conference 2017

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The 2017 Titanides Conference, held in Delray Beach, FL, was a day was full of advice and wisdom from some of the best women in the business; Marcella Allison, Annie Hyman Pratt, Carline Anglade-Cole, Lorrie Morgan Ferrero, Pauline Longdon, Abbey Woodcock, Ilise Bennen, Mary Kincaid, and Monica Day. The women of the room tell all in a space that is marked as safe and sacred; here they open the door for the next women in line. There is more here than tips and techniques for the business world, there is passion for helping one another and vulnerability that will ensure you that you are not alone.

Two of the Copy World’s Finest on The Conscious Consumer

Lorrie Morgan, founder of Red Hot Copy and a world-renowned copywriter tag teams this topic with Pauline Longdon, a best-selling author, retired Army Major, in demand copywriter, and marketer. The duo share insights about the importance of the Conscious Consumer; who they are, their basic needs, how to connect to them, and what happens when you “get it wrong.”

Triumphant Titanides Give Insight to their Successes

Allison Comotto, junior copywriter at Stansberry, Chris Allsop, award-winning copywriter, Liz Farr, B2B copywriter and CPA, and Cindy Butehorn, writer, marketer, and business builder make up the evening’s “Success Panel.” This panel of diversely experienced women talk about their link into the copywriting world and their successes once they made it there. They share some of their biggest triumphs, copywriting “superpowers,” key resources, and advice for women who are thinking about “taking the leap” into the industry or taking it to the next level.

TEDx Coach Shares Her Secrets to Writing & Performing Great Stories

Mary Kincaid, strategic story consultant, keynote speaker and TEDx coach emphasizes the power of the spoken word and its growing use in marketing. She gives tips and tricks into “story DNA” and describes the difference between a well written story and a well told story. She teaches that vulnerability, drama, and transformation are the three components that every good storyteller must master. Marcella presents and discusses her own personal story that was put together with Mary’s coaching.

Mother – Daughter Talk On Taking It from Hobby to Career

Carline Cole, million-dollar copywriter, consultant and mother, explains to her daughter Tiara Cole, copywriter, graphic designer and artist, how to move from writing as a hobby to making it a successful career. Carline urges the importance of habitual daily writing, getting to know your market, starting small and working locally, getting what you’re worth by learning to ask for it, and expecting the difficult client will come along and how to deal with them

Monica Day Declares ‘You are the Source of Your Power’

Monica Day, instigator, coach, performer, author, leader, gives a testimony of her life journey through the ups and downs of her career. She explains the difference between transitions and transformations and how to deal with both. Monica opens up about her newfound softness and vulnerability and shares her discovery of having what she needed all along to get where she wanted to be.

Why Every Woman Needs a Great Mentor and How to Find One

Marcella Allison, top direct response copywriter and entrepreneur, is often called the ‘most mentored’ copywriter in the business. She testifies to the indispensable advantages of having a mentor to navigate the unpaved paths to becoming a copywriter. Marcella highlights what to look for in a good mentor, how to find one, and their pivotal role on your journey towards getting to where you want to be in the business.

The “Worst” Mistakes Women Make When Negotiating

Ilise Benun, national speaker, author, and the co-founder of Marketing-Mentor.com emphasizes the courage women need for successfully negotiating any deal. She explains how to talk to yourself before a negotiation and the 3 steps for learning how to price your work.

A Break Down of How to Get Started Working with Clients

Annie Hyman Pratt, business owner, business executive and management consultant, goes over the ‘Must Haves’ when setting up a new client engagement, how to renegotiate your engagement, and how to get constructive feedback from your client.