Titanides and Friends

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Part of the mission of the Titanides is to encourage more women to take the stage and share their experience, knowledge, and wisdom with the world. Here you will find our fearless leader, Marcella Allison, and others, speaking and sharing their talents outside our closed circle. Follow along as collectively we become mentors and leaders in the business world.

The Big Fish, The Copywriter Club February 2018

Marcella Allison, Titanides’ founder, top direct response copywriter and in-demand copy chief, describes the long journey toward “catching and eating the big fish” of the copywriting world and gives advice on how to make it happen. She urges that those who want to take their skills to a “new world” of copywriting, must “learn to visit” by making genuine human connections and come to the table with big ideas with research to back them up. She then gives three helpful insights about how to come up with big ideas, what they will look/ feel like, and how to present them. “You’re going to draft your way to the top!”

My Greatest Superpower, Copy Chief Live October 2017

Marcella Allison, Titanides’ founder, top direct response copywriter and in-demand copy chief displays her greatest superpower by telling a story about a time in her life that her ability to surrender saved the day. She goes on to point out that being able to surrender opens up a new space for motion, outside of the bondage of perfectionism. Marcella goes on to give examples and the times in her career, working with some of the best in the business, when she learned to to toss her ego back with the morning vitamins, swallow it whole and move forward each day.

Monica Day’s #MeToo… Now What?” December 2017

Some of you will remember Monica Day from our Titanides gathering. Or you may know her from her AWAI story. Or her recent book. But what you might not know is that she has been leading and facilitating conversations about cultural issues for the last 30 years. Areas such as race, class, gender, power, sexuality — all the hot button topics of the day — have been her passion and her purpose and fuel both her business and her personal life. Here you can hear her #MeToo story.