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Spend some quality time with our Fearless Leader and her special guests in our Literary Salon Archive. These calls start with an intimate Fearless Fast Write. And then the learning begins as participants get to pick a couple of big brains in the business. Don’t miss the valuable lessons tucked into these conversations.

Overdeliver with Brian Kurtz

As women, many of us are all too familiar with the concept of overdelivering. We do it all the time with our family, our work, and our friends, but “Is overdelivering a good thing or a bad thing?”. One of Marcella’s longtime mentors and friends, Brian Kurtz answers this and many more of your questions about conferences, networking, inlcuding the most important thing to know about marketing.

Building Authentic Authority in An Age Of Fake

Marcella’s special guest, Dr. Cristy Lopez, answers some big questions about credentializing yourself, and owning your authority and achievements. And she walks us through a proven 5-step process to banish self-doubt and imposter syndrome.

Women Rise Virtual Graduation

Marcella kicks off this event with a commencement speech and follows up with a Fearless Fast Write and All-Voices Read Around to bring together and lift up the amazing voices of the next generation.

You Don’t Have to Get Naked to Be Creative

Marcella’s special guest, Dr. Cindy Childress leads us through one of her favorite exercises from her writing class. Then we chat about the creativity tips Dr. Cindy shared in our new e-book, 17 Ways to Beat Back Writer’s Block and Win. Her chapter is called, You Don’t Have to Get Naked to Be Creative (Although You Can): 3 Tips to Boost Creativity. You’re sure to enjoy the story behind her tips.

“Unleash Your Inner Hustle”: An Intimate Conversation with Kick-Butt Copywriter Carline Anglade-Cole

Marcella’s special guest, Carline Anglade-Cole, million-dollar copywriter, shares some powerful lessons about breaking free from the norm, expressing your true self… and building the determination to TRY – even if it means redefining failure! In other words, Carline shows us how to unleash our “inner hustle!”

Befriending Fear with Christal Brown

Modern dancer and Life Mastery Consultant, Christal Brown joins us as the special guest for this month’s Literary Salon on Befriending Fear. See her unique system for using movement and patterns to break through fear and achieve success.

Put a Sock In It: How to End Harsh Self-Criticism and Negative Self-Talk for Good

Dr. Joan Rosenberg reveals the root cause of negative self-talk and harsh self-criticism. Then, she explains why this kind of self-talk is NOT motivating , but instead can deplete your energy and drain your soul. Finally, Dr. Joan tells us how you can silence your caustic critic for good and rebuild your self-esteem.

The Art of Mentoring with Ravi Gundlapalli

As our special guest, Ravi Gundlapalli shares his insights on the power of mentoring, including simple mentoring tools and techniques to achieve your full potential, how to get into the mentoring mindset, how to identify and amplify your mentee’s strengths, and how to provide a comfortable environment, so your mentee feels confident and inspired.

2021 Planning: How to be deliberate in chaotic times.

Special guest Abbey Woodcock has created a planning process designed specifically for freelancers that helps you deal with the unique challenges of a service-heavy business. To get the most from this Salon, download Abbey’s free workbook and work through it as you watch.

Negotiating skills for the most neglected member of your team – YOU

Special guest Dr. Peter Pearson tackles the tricky and oh so self-helpy sounding conversation about “self-care” head on. He pushes us to confront our own limitations. Because before you can negotiate with anyone else for relief… you have to first negotiate with yourself.

A Sneak Peek at Tough Titties

Special guest Laura Belgray gives us a sneak peek of her new book, Tough Titties. Tough Titties is a collection of humorous essays on carving an unconventional path to success by living on your own terms and timeline—a New York coming-of-age story that gives permission to live your best life while being the f*cking worst.

Move the Needle: Yarns from an Unlikely Entrepreneur

Special guest Shelley Brander shares an excerpt from her new book, Move the Needle: Yarns from an Unlikely Entrepreneur, and then shares her insights about knowing your worth.