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V-logs from Marcella, gems that share different ideas, materials, helpful hints, and wisdom from day to day life to keep you in the loop and never alone on your way to where you want to be. Personal insights help you get to know Marcella from wherever you are.

Episode #38

In which your fearless leader shares a quick “before and after” copy critique from her now $4.4 million promo launch. Plus a simple tool you can use to capture valuable copy lessons that can propel your career forward.

Episode #39

In which your small town sheltered fearless leader shares some of the life lessons and copywriting lessons she learned from the indomitable Toni Morrison.

Episode #40

In which your fearless leader struggles to get to the bottom of over work and overwhelm. Plus a commitment to take a real retreat and just pause for 4 days and meditate on what matters most and how I want to live my life. If this resonates with you, I’d love to hear your thoughts.

Episode #41

In which your fearless leader contemplates what it really takes to make a big change. Plus a new letter writing challenge and wisdom from the Titanides Salon with special guests Kira Hug and Pauline Longdon.

Episode #42

In which your fearless leader issues a new letter writing challenge in honor of her mentor Bo Eason. Deadline is September 20th! Prize is a personally autographed copy of Bo’s new book, plus a $50 Amazon gift card, and a special surprise from me. All directions are in the video and I’ll post them below as well. Ready, set, write!!

Episode #43

In which your fearless leader is called to co-create a safe container and a supportive space for all of us to do the work we are called to do in this world. I have come to believe the best way we can help each other to succeed is to simply walk this journey together offering witness and support whenever it is needed. With Jen Adams, Rachel Mazza, Denise Millet, Bernadine Boyd, Melanie Warren, Kristen Stelzer, Christina Allsop, and Amanda Luft.

Episode #44

In which your fearless leader confesses the secret shortcuts she used before she could afford to hire a lawyer to review her contracts. For Jesica Paige who asked the question and with gratitude to Candice Lazar who shared her lawyerly viewpoint with us.

Episode #45

In which your fearless leader takes two days to step away from her business in order to look at the roadmap and make sure she is still on the way to her destinations. +2 things every writer and entrepreneur must do in order to grow and improve.

Episode #46 & #47

In which your fearless leader shares a rather “salty” copy critique with you. (WARNING: this video is an hour long.) With appreciation for Ralph McGinnis who graciously agreed to let me share this, even though he has the wrong equipment to join us ;-). Ralph was part of AWAI’s Clayton Makepeace Accelerated Intensive for Financial Copywriting. Several Titanides attended as well and Jade Awai can tell you how to get the recorded training if you’re interested. Please do NOT share this video outside of this group! This is just a little “extra” bonus from me for members ONLY.

Episode #48

In which your fearless leader attempts to undo years of damage done by sitting at a desk for 10 hours a day. Let this be a cautionary tale (or cautionary whale to quote the wonderful movie, Juno)

Episode #49

In which Aaron DeHoog, Executive Publisher at Banyan Hill, asks your fearless leader “Are you always this way?” Discover my surprising answer plus what I do to tap into my inner extrovert at events and more importantly, how I recover afterwards.

Episode #50

In which your Fearless Leader turns to a bunch of data loving Harvard geeks to answer the age-old question… “Why no men? Why is the Titanides women-only?”