Bonus Training Sessions

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Dive into these exclusive training sessions with Marcella and her special guests as they share A-List copywriting secrets, personal finance tips, copy critiques, and more. Don’t miss the career-changing lessons revealed in these videos that could take your business to the next level.

Money Matters, Metis Training with Arwen Becker July 2020

Arwen Becker, a Financial Adviser and National Speaker shares a short excerpt from her book, She Handled It, So Can You! After a fast write with the Titanides, she leads a conversation and answers questions about what women entrepreneurs MUST know about money matters in order to succeed in business and in life.

Titanides Cindy Childress Copy Review February 2020

Marcella Allison, Laura Gale, and Michele Wolk provide an in-depth copy critique with Cindy Childress. It’s like a high-level copy mastermind with lessons that are universal and apply to any woman in business.

Titanides Never-Ending Control Training July 2020

Marcella reveals the A-List copywriting strategies she used to keep a control running (and paying royalties) for 11+ years.

What you’ll learn will likely change how your approach projects forever…no more one-offs. You’ll know how to approach every project as if it were going to be an 11-year moneymaker!