Titanides Exclusive Videos

Here you will find women-specific-advice about how to thrive as a copywriter, entrepreneur and marketer. Be inspired by stories from the big successes, to the little wins, to the unavoidable failures that have shaped some of the best women in the business. Ready your pens to take note of all the useful wisdom here, and keep the tissues close in case you might be moved like many of us have when this community comes together.

Titanides Conference 2017

The 2017 Titanides Conference, held in Delray Beach, FL, was a day was full of advice and wisdom from some of the best women in the business; Marcella Allison, Annie Hyman Pratt, Carline Anglade-Cole, Lorrie Morgan Ferrero, Pauline Longdon, Abbey Woodcock, Ilise Bennen, Mary Kincaid, and Monica Day. The women of the room tell all in a space that is marked as safe and sacred; here they open the door for the next women in line. There is more here than tips and techniques for the business world, there is passion for helping one another and vulnerability that will ensure you that you are not alone.

Letters To Our Younger Selves

Some of the inspiring women who wrote a “Letter to My Younger Self,” reading their own letter at the 2017 Titanides Conference, held in Delray Beach, FL. These letters — 67 in total — cover an extraordinary range. Some letters are raw and shocking, others are funny and uplifting. Together, they testify to the good can come out of even the most challenging situations.

Titanides and Friends

Part of the mission of the Titanides is to encourage more women to take the stage and share their experience, knowledge, and wisdom with the world. Here you will find our fearless leader, Marcella Allison, and others, speaking and sharing their talents outside our closed circle. Follow along as collectively we become mentors and leaders in the business world.

Lessons from Our Founder

V-logs from Marcella, gems that share different ideas, materials, helpful hints, and wisdom from day to day life to keep you in the loop and never alone on your way to where you want to be. Personal insights help you get to know Marcella from wherever you are.

The Titanides Literary Salon Archive

Spend some quality time with our Fearless Leader and her special guests in our Literary Salon Archive. These calls start with an intimate Fearless Fast Write. And then the learning begins as participants get to pick a couple of big brains in the business. Don’t miss the valuable lessons tucked into these conversations.

Bonus Training Sessions

Dive into these exclusive training sessions with Marcella and her special guests as they share A-List copywriting secrets, personal finance tips, copy critiques, and more. Don’t miss the career-changing lessons revealed in these videos that could take your business to the next level.