Isn’t it Time We Left the “Bro Culture” Behind?

Discover the new science behind all-female mentoring and networking and how it can increase your authority and boost your income by 250% or more in less than 12 months.

Look, I’m a woman who can hang with the bros. I can tell dirty jokes and swear like a sailor. I can dish out dating advice and tell you when to swipe left or right. I can hang at the bar and drink bourbon and buy the next round.

Depending on what you need, I’ll be the “mom,” the “work wife,” or the “salty old broad.”

But no matter how hard I try, I’ll never be part of the “bro culture” or the “old boys” club because I don’t have the right equipment to join. I’ll never slip past the gates or infiltrate the ranks.

And I don’t want to. Because I have no desire to ever become a bro.

That can be a problem when you work in a male-dominated industry like direct response advertising or internet marketing. Or when your profession is dominated by men, like internet entrepreneurs, marketers, or copywriters.

Because bros and “old boys” take care of their own. They network, mentor, and promote other bros and old boys.  That’s just the way it works.

Now, as a female entrepreneur and business owner, you can spend your life trying to fit in.

You can play golf, talk sports, and stand on the outside trying to edge your way in but...

...the research shows, given the chance, a bro will choose another bro over you, every time.

That’s why I believe that the solution is NOT to become one of the bros. And it is NOT to start a war with them either.. 

The solution is to take a page out of the old boys’ playbook and start your own club.

There’s a place for bro culture, it’s just not MY place.

That’s why six years ago, I founded the all-female Titanides Mentoring Collective and I have never looked back.

The Titanides is a women-only mentoring and networking community dedicated to helping more women succeed at the highest levels in business because:

Women need women-only spaces to survive and thrive in a bro culture world.

In a study of 2,600 women across all industries, women who attended just one women-only conference or networking event, DOUBLED their chances of getting a promotion in the following year. Yes, doubled! [1]

That’s because, just like the bros, women share job opportunities, connections, and introductions with each other. And, we actively promote our own.

Women promote other women.

Just ask fellow Titanide, Melanie Warren who landed her dream job thanks to the Titanides...

Marcella sent me a direct link to the job with a note that said, "I'd hate to lose you, but this job would be perfect for you." I'd seen the link before, but I didn't register that it could be for me until Marcella pointed it out. Blindspots are funny that way.

The Titanides network was what made the difference.

Thanks to the amazing relationships I’ve made in the Titanides, I was able to do something almost unheard of… on July 19, 2020, I declared the kind of job I wanted and 4 weeks later, I had that exact job. It wouldn’t have happened without the Titanides. I’m now in-house with a reputable company, working in my exact niche, and making more money than I did pre-quarantine. I’m eternally grateful."

- Melanie Warren

When you join the Titanides today you can…

  • Break into industries, jobs, and opportunities you never thought possible using one simple principle.
  • Double… and even triple… your chances of getting bigger gigs and better pay, by making one tiny adjustment to your calendar this year.
  • Get the ONE tool that Harvard Business Review says all women need to succeed at the highest levels in business.
  • Leverage the power of soft skills to directly increase your income.

The goal is to provide you with a network that will enable you to create 250% more income within the next 12 months and to envelop you into a collective where you feel in your heart of hearts you belong.

The problem with living in a bro culture world is that...

… if you never see anyone who looks like you at the top of the food chain…

… you start to think you don’t belong.

Take STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) for example. The STEM field is notoriously lacking in women. And many women give up before they ever even complete their degree let alone get a job.

Turns out the solution is simple...

When female students in STEM are matched with a female mentor, they’re more resilient, more motivated, more confident, and more ambitious. [2]

In other words, they come out of a bro dominated field ready to kick ass and take names. And the effects last for years.

That’s why women need female mentors in male-dominated industries like direct response.

“I have learned so much that I didn't know and also have learned how to overcome my fears as a woman in a male-dominated world. I am more optimistic and confident than before. I must say I am glad and honoured to be a Titanide.” 

- Ann Karanja 

The Titanides Mentoring Collective ALWAYS has your back. When you become a member today you get…

  • A sister soldier to help you navigate the unique gauntlet of obstacles that women face as they grow their businesses. 
  • Road-tested wisdom to help you overcome lack of business experience, lack of access to capital, as well as covert and overt sexism.
  • Focused coaching, mentoring, and actionable advice from women who have been there, done that, and have the t-shirt and battle scars to prove it.

In the Titanides, we believe in a different model of mentorship…

In a “bro culture” world, mentoring is typically “top-down.” Mentors act like Yoda or the Godfather dispensing wisdom to eager young Jedis.

But new research proves the mentoring relationships with the greatest lifelong impact are NOT top-down... they are reciprocal. [3]

In a reciprocal relationship both the mentor and mentee learn and grow. Each woman brings her own insights, life experience, and skills to the table.

It’s about shared power, not hierarchy. And it’s not just about career skills… it’s about resilience, self-care, and emotional intelligence too.

Reciprocal mentoring gives women the support, empathy, and validation they need to succeed in a bro culture world.

This is WHY we call ourselves the Titanides Mentoring Collective because we are ALL both mentor and mentee to each other.

There is no grand poobah. Just a bunch of brilliant, talented women sharing their knowledge, experience, and strength with each other.

So far inside my membership I have connected with Irene Scott who helped me with my LinkedIn presence. We keep each other accountable for consistency and expanding our reach. I’ve connected with Angie Colee also both inside MentorCloud and LinkedIn. I’ve been matched with Melanie Warren and Maureen Doyle who will help me grow sales with their various skill sets. My network of solid connections and amazing women suddenly quadrupled when I joined Titanides. The value I’ve found in just the networking and mentoring alone is incredible. Thank you!

- Misty Mozejko

The Titanides Mentoring Collective brings you …

  • The best, scientifically-proven mutual-mentoring method for helping women get ahead without all the mansplaining or condescending advice-giving
  • A chance to build your authority and leave a lasting legacy by paying it forward to women who are in the same position you were a few years (or even just a few months) ago
  • Personally targeted introductions to like-minded women, strategic contacts, and opportunities custom designed for YOU

If we want more women to succeed at the highest level in business, then we desperately need more women like YOU to step up and mentor.

Surveys show that less than 4 in 10 women have ever had a formal mentor.

That’s because men ask and offer to mentor other men… while female mentors question their authority.

It’s the old “I’m not qualified” trap.

Women worry we don’t have the specific knowledge or expertise in a particular area. But here’s the thing, Harvard Business Review analysis proves mentoring at the highest levels is not about the technical skills, it’s about leadership. [4]

You do NOT need to know the specifics of funnels and conversions or the exact right place to put the button on the sales page…

What you DO need to succeed is leadership skills.

That’s why the Titanides Mentoring System is based on the METIS System.

(Metis is a Greek goddess who embodies wisdom, wise counsel, and courageous action.  She’s the mother of Athena, one of the most powerful female warriors in history.)

The METIS system focuses on helping you master key leadership skills every woman needs like…

  • how to negotiate your compensation and prove yourself as the most valuable asset… 
  • how to position yourself as an expert in your field and command the respect you deserve… 
  • how to own any stage and use your presence to gain authority… 
  • how to take more risks so you reach new heights of success…  
  • and... how to prevent burnout so you can create longevity inside your career.

Every month inside the collective, we have a high-level special guest provide mentoring on one of the Metis Keys so we can continue to focus on these five success factors, and to date, the feedback has been fantastic…

In these monthly METIS trainings, you’ll discover how to…

  • Bounce back from burnout, or better yet, avoid burnout altogether with simple self-care tools designed for women creatives
  • Overcome the biggest hurdle to pricing yourself correctly as a freelancer, because the biggest “glass ceiling” isn’t in corporate America. (You’ll be shocked to discover what it is.) 
  • Instantly get 28% more income from each freelance project you do by making one simple change
  • Pay yourself first, so you can command your worth and easily manage your finances, even if you’re not a “numbers person”
  • Understand your superpowers and discover how to use your greatness for good, and which so-called “weaknesses” are holding you back
  • Learn the Expert Positioning Mastery Technique that helps you stand out as an undeniable authority in your field and seamlessly connect the dots between your old life and the one you’re building now
  • Take control of the stage (in any area of your life) with confident and magnetic personal branding and messaging
  • Take calculated creative risks and boldly go after your dreams (without guilt or fear)
  • And so much more

And these METIS trainings are just one small example of the power of the Titanides Mentoring Collective…

Women need to network with other women too, especially in the new COVID world.

It’s the fastest way to land your next gig. You can think of it like “speed dating.”

Let’s face it, co-ed networking with bros and old boys alone isn’t going to cut it.

Women need an inner circle of close women-only contacts, because ambitious women “often face cultural and political hurdles that men typically do not.”

Women share private insider information with each other - just like the old boys do. This information helps you find more jobs and boost your interviewing skills and improve your negotiating strategies too.

In fact, studies show that women who have BOTH a co-ed network of super-connected peers…

...AND a second women-only inner circle…

land jobs with 250% BETTER pay and greater authority! [5]

But women who do NOT have this second women-only inner circle, end up with the lowest pay and the lowest authority. Yikes!

Look, the data is clear…

Even if you have the exact same qualifications, education, and work experience as a man…

If you want to land an executive position with higher pay and higher authority …

You need other WOMEN to help.

Or as Shelley Zalis, honorary Titanide and founder of The Female Quotient, put it, “There is power in the pack.”

And... the Titanides packs one heck of a punch!

The women I've gotten to know here have helped me so much! In just the past two weeks, I've talked to four Titanides about my pricing for new projects that I knew were their niches. I also lined up two more as experts for articles I'm writing. AND I've recommended several women for projects I've heard about. It's awesome having such a network of talented women to tap into and to promote...I'm so glad I found the Titanides and decided to become a part of it!

- Kristen Stelzer

The Titanides Mentoring Collective is a unique space where women feel safe enough to take risks, to speak their minds, and to be creative… all without getting attacked or undermined.  Research shows this is one of the most important factors for women’s success in any group.

We’ve helped women find jobs, fill key vacancies at the companies they own, and find partners to grow. We’ve passed over our best scripts and one-liners for negotiating up our rates, dealing with deadbeats, and setting boundaries against scope creep and sexism. And almost every day, we’ve risen up to new challenges, questions, and opportunities to support each other.

And we’ve done it all in our own space, with our own rules, and our own culture.

Because ultimately, it’s not about the bros… it’s about US.

Let me be clear, I mentor guys all the time.  And I’ve been lucky enough to be mentored by some of the best men in the business.  I’m also married to one of the greatest guys I know and I’ve raised two amazing sons.

The Titanides Mentoring Collective is supported and uplifted by some of the best men in the business. Men like John Carlton, Kevin Rogers, Justin Goff, Brian Kurtz, Stefan Georgi, Henry Bingaman, David Deutsch, Parris Lampropoulos, and many more.

This is NOT some man-hating torch and pitchfork vendetta!

This is about changing our entire industry for the better.

The Titanides Mentoring Collective is about mentoring more women to succeed in the male-dominated direct response and online advertising world…

...and we are inviting you to join us today.

When you join today you get:

  • Member-only access to the NEW Titanides MentorCloud Mentoring Platform: our brand new women-only networking and mentoring program will open new doors and connect you with incredible women all over the world. As we all know, networking is the key to your next contract, so building this network with us is going to be the fastest way to bring in double, and triple, the amount of money you’ve made in the past.
  • Monthly 250% Multiplier Effect networking sessions (connect with fellow members in an intimate setting where you can share your own knowledge and expertise with the community and ask for any resources, connections, or expertise you need in return)
  • Bi-Monthly Copy Breakdown Sessions with some of the best working A-list copywriters today (go behind the scenes and actually discover how million-dollar copy is created from the ugly first draft to the polished final product)
  • Exclusive discounts on all Titanides meetups, products, and courses (you will never pay full price again)
  • Member-only access to our exclusive MentorCloud library (where you’ll discover a wealth of past mentoring, training, presentations and in depth discussions - all designed to help you succeed as a woman in business)
  • Member-only invitations to join our guest experts on screen, ask questions, and participate in live trainings (this insider access is one of the best ways to elevate your business and build your authority with other female leaders)
  • Member-only recordings of our legendary Monthly Titanides Literary Salons with "leading ladies" from all over the world… your chance for meaningful connections with some of the most inspiring minds in our business.

The Titanides Mentoring Collective gives you the keys to the kingdom so you can unlock the most powerful, and profitable, network of women you will ever have.

You will rub shoulders with infamous female copywriters, multi-7 figure business owners, sales and marketing strategists who run multi-million dollar departments, and women who can help you succeed at the highest levels and skyrocket your income.

Women like…

  • Abbey Woodcock, founder of The Freelance Co-op
  • Carline Anglade Cole, kick-butt direct response alternative health copywriter
  • Kim Krause Schwalm, A-List copywriter and copy mentor
  • Cindy Butehorn, writer, marketer and Principal at NetEffect Marketing
  • Laura Belgray, founder of Talking Shrimp
  • Jenny Thompson, marketer, writer, and CEO/Founder, SafetyPIN Technologies
  • Pauline Longdon, emotional direct response copywriter and founder of The Copy Alchemist
  • Rachel Mazza, sales funnel consultant and creator of the Cold Traffic Activation System
  • Laura Gale, editor, writer, and author of How to Write This Book
  • Jen Adams, Director of the Professional Writers’ Alliance
  • Angie Colee, copy chief, mentor, and leader of the island of corporate misfits
  • Ilise Benun, Mentor/Business Coach for Designers, Copywriters & Creative Professionals
  • Annie Hyman Pratt,  Leadership Expert and founder of Leading Edge Teams
  • Monica Day, coach, mentor, founder and chief instigator at MAD Life
  • Allison Carpio, A/B split testing expert and author of Shut Up and Take My Money
  • Melanie Warren, creator of the Action Cue Formula System
  • Kira Hug, conversion copywriter and co-founder of The Copywriter Club
  • And hundreds of amazing women like them… 

When you join us, your business network will suddenly expand and you will have your pick of the most influential mentors of your life.

And of course, with your membership, you are welcomed into our:

  • Private Facebook group, where we actively co-mentor each other, hold a protected space for honest discussion, share job opportunities, and more
  • Monthly Fearless Fast Writes where we punch through boundaries and unlock new creative insights
  • Monthly Titanides Literary Salons with "leading ladies" from all over the world… your chance for meaningful connections with some of the most inspiring minds in our business
  • Vlogs focused on top-tier copywriting tactics, well-seasoned (sometimes salty) career advice, and the mindset you need to grow, thrive, and stay sane
  • Thought-provoking e-letters that reveal the good, the bad, the ugly, and the OMG, WTF? of what it takes to succeed at the highest levels.

Now, just a note on our ground-breaking mentoring platform:

Over the years, I’ve matched plenty of Titanides with resources, clients, jobs, mentors, and more. But as we continue to grow, it gets harder and harder for me to keep track of everyone’s skills, talents, and profiles.

Up till now, when someone posts in our private Facebook group and asks a question, or offers a lead on a job, or wants to know about a copywriting resource…

I flip through the cluttered files in my brain and "tag" someone that I think might have the answer or know where to get it.

But it’s a messy and inefficient process.

And that’s why we invested in a groundbreaking new matchmaking platform for the Titanides!

No, not to help you find "hookups," dates, or the love of your life… but to help you find mentors.

It’s called MentorCloud and it makes matching Titanides with mentors and networking opportunities a snap.

It works like a dating platform to make sure that you and your mentor are a great fit. Based on skills and experience, you will be matched with those who a) are looking to actively network and mentor, and b) have the same “connection mindset” as you have.

And, unlike Facebook, it’s very private, allowing you to share and connect with your mentor without having to post in front of hundreds or thousands of people.

Here’s the best part…

When organizations have a formal mentoring structure it’s easier for women to find and ask mentors. In fact, when there’s a formal mentoring program in place the number of women in mentoring relationships DOUBLES. [6}

So, will you join us today?

If you do, you will join at one of the lowest prices we will ever offer. In fact, I have been scolded multiple times for going to market with such a low monthly fee but…

...I want to make this accessible to everyone who needs it.

So if you join today, your membership rate will be grandfathered in at $99 a month - no increases and no contracts. 

That’s less than $100 a month for invaluable training from a parade of “A-Listers” plus targeted mentoring and networking that is proven to boost your income, advance your career, and give you the resilience to survive and thrive in a bro culture world.

I think that’s more than fair. And it’s thousands less than most masterminds. Plus, you won’t need a single plane, train, or automobile to learn from and network with the smartest women in business.

This community is built on generosity but it takes your commitment, both time and dollars to make it grow.

Imagine a world where you go it alone, where there is no support, no “old girls club” protecting your back. That’s a grim reality I never want to face again.

So, are you in? Join today to snag your membership before the next price increase.

PLEASE NOTE: The Titanides Mentoring Collective is WOMEN ONLY.  If you are female or identify as female you are welcome to join us.  Otherwise, while we welcome and appreciate your support, you cannot participate in our closed community.

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Member-only access to monthly METIS Key Trainings
Member-Only access to monthly 250% Multiplier Effect sessions
Member-only access to Bi-Monthly Copy Breakdowns
Member-only access to our exclusive MentorCloud Library
Member-only First Access and Exclusive Discounts for meetups, products, and courses
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A network of women that will build you up, develop your leadership roles, and consistently provide more income opportunities than you’ve ever dreamed of.

Together, let’s set ourselves up for a world of success in the years to come.

Because we all rise together.

Love always,




[1] Do Women’s Networking Events Move the Needle on Equality? by Shawn Achor, Harvard Business Review, February 13, 2018
[2] Female peer mentors early in college increase women’s positive academic experiences and retention in engineering by Tara C. Dennehy and Nilanjana Dasgupta, PNAS June 6, 2017 114 (23) 5964-5969
[3] Mentoring Women Is Not About Trying to “Rescue” Them by W. Brad Johnson and David G. Smith, Harvard Business  Review, March 14, 2018
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[5] Research: Men and Women Need Different Kinds of Networks to Succeed, by Brian Uzzi, Harvard Business Review, February 25, 2019
[6] Women as Mentors: Does She or Doesn’t She? A Global Study of Businesswomen and Mentoring, by Stephanie Neal, Jazmine Boatman, Ph.D., and Linda Miller, published by Development Dimensions International 

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