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The (Not So Secret) Order of the Titanides offers a secure community where women can nurture each other in genuine and authentic ways. It’s a private space where we make the rules. And it’s a community that empowers us to grow and expand our definition of success.

Joining the Titanides is simple. There are no hazing rituals or secret initiation rites (although that could be fun…).

The only requirements for membership are that you identify as a woman, you have a drive to succeed in business and you can commit to being a positive, supportive member of our community.

If you agree and you want what we’ve created here, then you’re definitely a Titanides! And we would love for you to join our (Not So Secret) Order of the Titanides so you can enjoy a community unlike any other.

Here’s a taste of what you get when you’re a part of our world:

  • Community mentoring with other Titanides, so you can get answers to all your questions in a safe place, without fear of judgment or ‘looking stupid.’
  • A place to find a new job opportunity that could change the course of your career. Or to post job opportunities for other Titanides and continue to pay it forward.
  • Marcella’s vlogs (video blog) where she shares life, business and copywriting lessons she’s learned from conferences, from her clients, from copy chiefing other writers, and from people she meets on her travels. She’ll pass on useful information that will help you accelerate your writing and your business.
  • Marcella’s e-letters packed with insights on issues facing women in business (and life), thoughts on challenges facing members, advice and stories, upcoming events, and more!
  • Invitations to Fearless Fast Writes. These 45-minute sessions focus on writing to discover the revelations and ideas lurking just below the surface of your subconscious. Fast Writes are a great way to spark your imagination and get your creative juices flowing. Discover more about Fearless Fast Writes »
  • Invitations to continuing conversations where we hone our skills and discuss issues facing women, both in life and in our careers.
  • And, of course, exclusive invitations to our live meet-ups, retreats, and gala events throughout the year!

There are a few ways to join our community:

1. Sign up for the Titanides email list. When you sign up, you’re making sure that you get:

  • Live event and meet-up notifications
  • Invitations to our Fearless Fast Writes
  • Invitations to our Literary Salons

We do NOT rent our list to anyone. Our list is exclusive to Titanides and we respect your privacy. Sign up for the Titanides email list below:

2. Join the Titanides Facebook group. There’s a short, simple application. Answer all the questions and our membership committee will review the answers and welcome you to the fold. Request to join here!

3. Become a sustaining member of the Titanides. To read more about our membership levels and choose the membership level that suits you best, click here (please, gentlemen, note that this private community is for women only!)