Fearless Fast Writes

Fearless Fast Writes is a practice first developed by Mary Pierce Brosmer, the founder of Women Writing For A Change.

The Fast Write practice is not about perfection. It’s not even about good writing. It’s about getting your creative juices flowing and letting your heart fly out onto the page. The idea is to practice writing fast enough to stay ahead of your internal critic, because that bitch can be brutal.

Fast Writes allow you to get out some of that inner joy and creativity and let some new ideas bubble forth. It’s also a way to address some of the issues that we face as women.

Each Fast Write lasts about 45 minutes and it works like this:

We pick a topic, or prompt. This could be an essay from our book, Why Didn’t Anyone Tell Me This Sh*t Before, something in the news or that we’ve seen online, or a theme that has been coming up in the private Facebook community.

We set a timer for 5 minutes and when it starts, we write nonstop until the timer chimes. The fast write is about speed, not perfection. You do not lift your pen from the page. You do not stop writing. Even if you’re just writing random thoughts and you don’t think it’s something crazy valuable, just write. You’ll be surprised by what comes out.

We do a Read Around. We go around the group and each woman reads aloud what she wrote (if she wants to). When she’s done, there is no applause, no critiques, no compliments. All you hear is a chime, holding space for her experiences and wisdom.

We capture a line from each woman. As each woman reads, we all write down a line or phrase from her words that struck us.  It can be anything that resonated with you.

And finally, we do Read Backs.  After every woman has read, then we read our captured lines aloud, like a Greek chorus. It’s a way of acknowledging, supporting and recognizing the wisdom in each of us, and sharing it with each other without criticism or judgment.

That’s it.

It sounds weirdly simple, but it can be a powerful practice. It brings us together as a community because you can discover a lot about a person in just a few minutes of fast writing.  More importantly, fast writes can become the jumping off place for new ideas, new projects, or new discoveries and insights about yourself.

Just see what other Titanides are saying about previous Fearless Fast Writes:

“Oh wow. Thank you all for that fast write today. Who knew you could go so deep with things in just five minutes? A lot to be unpacking and growing from… THANK YOU!”
~ Jen Adams

“What a deep experience, to spend such a short amount of time and get to know you all (and myself) so much better … it’s like a light in the middle of my otherwise everyday day! Thanks, all!”
~ Joyce Hollman

“All I could keep thinking was, ‘I am so honored to be in the midst of such fine, brave women.’ Thank you.”
~ Mary Rose Maguire

“Fun, warm, raw, validating, joyful! Big hugs to all!”
~ Shelley Ware

“It was wonderful to connect with each of you – and to see what resulted from our 5 minutes of writing. I am looking forward to doing it again!”
~ Diane Sweeney

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