The Clever Woman’s Cure For Creative Block

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Have you ever lost your creative mojo? Found yourself struggling to come up with new ideas? Caught yourself re-writing the same sentence 57 times unable to move on?

You’re not alone!

Sometimes it’s the critical voice in our head shouting bad advice that keeps us mentally trapped. Sometimes it’s the well-meaning feedback from our peers and mentors. Sometimes it’s the irrational fear of what someone might say when they see our work. All of it can trigger a massive bout of creative block.

That’s because new research reveals that the wrong kind of critical feedback can have the unintended consequence of shutting down your creative flow.

The good news is, there’s a simple 5-minute exercise that can get your creative mojo back.

Download your copy of The Clever Woman’s Cure For Creative Block today and discover…

  • Why even a great copy chief can do more harm than good. Plus how to protect yourself from the wrong kind of feedback.
  • How to shut up the nasty critic in your head. Most folks do the exact WRONG thing!
  • The secret to creative flow states revealed in before and after brain scans of jazz musicians and rappers. Plus how you can tap into it too.
  • How to create a safe container for creative feedback - one that inspires and motivates you instead of shutting you down.
  • The best way to create community and build intimacy in copy critique groups.
  • And much, much more…

The Titanides is a women-only business network and mentoring collective for all creative types. We host monthly events designed to unblock your creativity and get you moving again, with zero judgment and zero expectation.

We have created this free 5-minute creative block buster to ensure you never get the blank page blues ever again. Creative blocks happen to the best women, but it doesn’t mean your work needs to suffer.

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