Care Of The Order

The (Not So Secret) Order of the Titanides is an inclusive, nonjudgmental, apolitical organization that welcomes all women with a drive to succeed in business. Our community is a confidential, safe space where we discuss challenges, give and receive advice, and engage in thought-provoking discussions on building a career, juggling work and family obligations, and current topics related to women in the business world.

To help us keep the space welcoming to every woman, please review our member guidelines, designed to inspire productive, positive interaction.

Welcome new Titanides to the private Facebook group with a short comment or question for new members. Acknowledge the new member’s presence and make her feel seen and heard in the group.

Titanides represent the entire range of beliefs, origins, and worldviews. We’re here to create an inclusive community, lift each other up and provide a safe harbor in a sometimes testosterone-fueled business world. To that end, please do not post political or divisive content or comments that may insult a member with different beliefs.

Speak your own truth, from your own experiences, and do not pass judgment on another woman. Keep all discourse respectful. Of course there’ll be different opinions in the group, some of them very strong. But we do not, under any circumstances, engage in flaming Facebook wars that seem to be so popular elsewhere.

Feel free to post articles, webinars, books and other resources to the group that you feel will be helpful to other members. A good guideline regarding posting outside content in the group: When you see a woman in public, alive or dead, practicing something you feel is a quality of the Titanides, post about her for others to see and gain inspiration from.

Support members with weekly (or more!) comments, encouragements and engagement to keep the conversation lively and morale high. Bonus: When you post about your own challenges, you’ll get the same level of support in return!

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Help us grow our community by nominating other women who you feel are qualified to join. Click here for more information on joining the (Not So Secret) Order of the Titanides.

And most importantly: Always respect the Titanides Code of Silence. Titanides is a safe space because we’re free to share our personal stories and experience without fear of repercussions. Keeping every woman’s personal expressions private and confidential is essential to our success. Do not share others’ stories outside of the group, either online or in person.