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And then… exclusively for our female readers… we’d like to invite you to join in a special Fearless Fast Write session with Marcella Allison.

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What is a Fearless Fast Write?

All of the letters in our book were inspired by a simple journaling exercise we call a “Fearless Fast Write.” We start with a short poem or prompt and then we write together for just 5 minutes. Then, we share our words with each other. No preparation needed.

The shared exercise is deceptively simple and incredibly powerful. Our Fearless Fast Writes are one of the easiest ways to spark new ideas, give your brain a jolt of adrenaline, or enjoy the community of women. Whether you consider yourself a writer or an entrepreneur or marketer, the creative benefits are plentiful.

Fearless Fast Writes often spark new ideas or projects, boost productivity, and help you overcome creative blocks in your writing and business… whether you consider yourself a writer, or not.

Kudos from past participants…

My first Fast Write was a blast. I highly recommend everyone attend one. There’s no judgement, you just let it rip! Talk about freeing. It could best be described as a one-hour intellectual spa experience.
~ Cara Flett

The topic was inspiring. The attendees were generous and open. The session was a wonderful way to add creative energy and incorporate some self-care into the day. Totally recommend it.
~ Deb Saunders

Today’s Fast Write gave me a way to re-frame something that I have been struggling with, by shifting my attention. And this little shift made an incredible difference!
~ Joyce Hollman