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Abbey Woodcock: The Ultimate 2019 Pricing Guide for Online Freelance Copywriters

ABBEY WOODCOCK is a direct response copywriter who writes sales pages and emails for some of the biggest names online. She also teaches those skills at the Business of Copy.

Finally, the answer to…”What do you charge?” As her gift to the Titanides book readers, Abbey Woodcock presents REAL pricing data from over 500 working copywriters from over 20 countries.


Dawn Eason: Tell Your Story Now

DAWN EASON is the Managing Partner of The Bo Eason Experience. She oversees all operations, including the running company’s ten live events and developing digital and print material for their clients.

Captivate your audience by telling better stories. Bo and Dawn Eason show you how to master storytelling in this step-by-step handbook.


Ilise Benum:  The Money Talk Cheat Sheet

ILISE BENUN is the founder of, the go-to online resource for copywriters and other creative professionals who want better projects with bigger budgets.

If your mind goes blank when it’s time to talk money, get Ilise Benun’s cheat sheet. Keep it handy and you’ll never again be speechless when it matters most.

Kim Krause Schwalm: Girls on Fire Books 1 and 2

KIM KRAUSE SCHWALM began her career as a marketer building businesses including one that grew to $23 million in sales within three years. Today, she is a top direct response copywriter.

Insights, strategies, and tips from inspirational women in copywriting, marketing, and business, complied by Kim Krause Schwalm, are featured in her gift, Books 1 and 2 in the Girls on Fire series.

Laurie Garrison:  And the Award Goes To…

LAURIE GARRISON specializes in writing business awards entries as well as sales copy and marketing content, primarily for companies in the sports industry.


Business awards advance companies. Click here to discover how to write an award-winning entry for your clients – or yourself!


Lorena BuenoWhat to Expect When You’re Expecting Edits

LORENA BUENO uses her extensive expertise in SaaS technology to create content strategies, technical reports, explainer videos, email campaigns, and more.

Got tons of red marks on your copy? This guide walks you through a business edit process so everyone can be happy with the final copy.


Monica Day:  After The Field: Living as a Choice, Not a Consequence

MONICA DAY is a writer, producer, performer, coach, entrepreneur and instigator. She uses this rich life path to help transform every area of her clients’ lives and magnify their impact in the world.

An interactive exploration of the secret code of aliveness. Warning: dramatically increases everyday joy and vibrancy. Open this bonus with care!