About The Book…

Why Didn’t Anybody Tell Me This Sh*t Before?” is a collection of heartfelt letters written by women to their younger selves.

These women run the gamut — they’re leaders of multi-million dollar companies, ‘solopreneurs,’ and freelancers just starting out.

Their letters allow each of them to share the truth of her experience and her hard-won wisdom, battle scars an all.

With accounts ranging from being the only woman in ‘old boys’ club’ businesses, to making impossible choices between cherished work and family, to dealing with loss, anger and fear, these letters have hard-earned lessons to teach all of us.

Some letters are raw and shocking, while others are funny and uplifting. Yet every letter contains a multi-faceted lesson that will empower and inspire you, no matter your age, or your experience.

“Why Didn’t Anybody Tell Me This Sh*t Before?” is collective mentorship you won’t find anywhere else. The lessons each woman shares here create a lifeline and a roadmap, particularly if you are a woman in entrepreneurship and business.

They show you that you’re not alone, that someone has faced similar trials and prevailed, and that laughter and learning can come out of even the most challenging situations.

And most importantly… that hope, triumph, and joy are waiting for you, too.

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Meet the Editors…

Marcella Allison is a top direct response copywriter, an in-demand copy chief, and a mentor to aspiring and next-generation copywriters. She is the founder of the Titanides, an organization dedicated to promoting female entrepreneurs, marketers and copywriters.
Laura Gale is a ghostwriter and developmental editor, who works with entrepreneurs and marketers to write powerful books about their businesses. An early member of the Titanides, she is committed to raising the profile of women in marketing through education and mentoring.


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