How to Increase Your Attention Span, Supercharge Your Performance, and Triple Your Income with this ONE Often Overlooked and Misunderstood Copywriting Secret

I think we can all agree that 2020 has been a trainwreck of a year.

We’ve had a global pandemic, a long-overdue racial reckoning, and one of the most divisive elections in history…. What’s next? Locusts?!

Almost every copywriter I know is feeling emotionally fried and burned out.

But there is ONE simple tool that is uniquely designed to help you overcome the challenges of 2020 and beyond…

It’s a tool that has systematically created some of my best performing controls and generated hundreds of thousands in royalties... all while having fun, working with friends, and finding hidden inspiration when all hope is lost.

It’s an often overlooked, misunderstood, and sometimes downright scorned idea.

What I’m talking about is creative collaboration. The act of working with your peers and using each other's brilliance to bring ideas to life. And this is the real secret behind one of my most successful promotions.

In our brand new product, The $5.5 Million Promo Breakdown, you will quickly learn how to create better ideas and bigger profits when you join forces with your fellow copywriters and copy chiefs.

You see, too many copywriters think of themselves as lone cowboys. They imagine riding off into the sunset like John Wayne with a big bag of royalties.

And I used to think this was the way it worked too.

How many times have you sat at a conference and listened to some guru pontificate on his or her godlike skills? How many times have you imagined some legend sitting at the desk all alone with gold dripping from their pen as they write million-dollar controls?

Nothing could be farther from the truth.

It wasn’t until I actually started working with some of the top direct response copywriters in the industry that I understood what really went on behind the scenes.

These top copywriters are always collaborating. They are always giving and receiving feedback, brainstorming, and asking for advice from each other.

To succeed as an A-list copywriter means you must become skilled in the art of creative collaboration with others.  

Let me be the first to attest that high performing $5 million dollar promotions do not spring fully formed from your head and leap onto the page like Athena. No one is talented enough to simply fling words down on the page while the cash register sings.

Crafting a multimillion-dollar promo takes more than talent.  It takes the discipline and focus needed to revise, redraft, and rewrite your copy over and over and over again while your fellow copywriters and copy chiefs slash, cut, and edit every sentence you write.

And, how good you become at this creative collaboration is a huge factor in how successful you will become in this industry. In fact, I would call it the single most important skill you need as a copywriter.

You must “draft” your way to success. And you cannot do that alone. 

And, the research backs me up on this…

A new study from Stanford confirms that collaborating with others increases your chance of success. [1]

But that’s not all:

Creative collaboration also helps beat back fatigue and writer’s block. Folks who collaborate not only have more energy but they stick with their task 64% longer! And the positive effects last for several weeks.

Not only that, but collaborators are 5 TIMES as likely to be top performers.


Best of all, the effects of collaboration are so powerful, just the mere mention of collaboration can supercharge your performance!

But here’s another overlooked fact for you…

Creative collaboration can actually TRIPLE your royalties.

Let’s do some math. Don’t worry – this is the fun kind of math.

Let’s say you get hired by a company to write a promotion for one of their products.

You have a pretty good idea. You think the copy is pretty well constructed. And the offer is somewhat compelling to the right type of customer.

Based on the size of the client’s list, you can be pretty sure the promotion will pull in around $1 million.

That’s not too bad. If you have a 3% royalty rate, that’ll add an extra $30,000 on top of your fee.

And since you’re the only writer on the project… all that money goes directly into your bank account.

Now, let’s say you decide to collaborate...

Instead of going it alone as a cocky John Wayne, you decide to ask another top copywriter to collaborate with you.

And let’s say you agree to share the royalties. So instead of taking home 3%, you give your copy chief and collaborator 1%.

So that lowers your royalty down to just 2%.

But, because your copy chief/collaborator points out your blind spots… gives you valuable feedback… brainstorms, and helps you solve key problems in the copy…

Instead of that promotion pulling in $1 million total…

It sells $5.5 million!

Because as the research shows, simply by teaming up, you’ve increased your chances of success and supercharged your performance.

So that takes your royalty from around $30,000 to $110,000 and all because you knew that two heads were better than one.

By lowering your royalty and teaming up with another top copywriter, you TRIPLED your income!

This is exactly what happened when I asked fellow A-list copywriter Henry Bingaman to collaborate with me on a promotion I wrote for Money Map Press.

Henry Bingaman is one of the heavy hitters at Money Map Press. He writes and chiefs 40+ million dollars’ worth of promotions for MMP every year. He also currently holds the record for the biggest front-end launch day in Agora (not just Money Map) history.

Now, this isn’t our first rodeo. We’ve collaborated on several projects together in the ten years we’ve known each other.

In fact, the Metabolic Renewal package we collaborated on for Natural Health Sherpa is still running to cold traffic and generating thousands of dollars in royalties more than three years later.

Every time we work together, we end up with a better promotion because of it.

But here’s the thing…

Not all collaborations work.

Research shows that the best kinds of collaboration, the ones that result in creative breakthroughs are “improvisations that are guided and planned, but in a way that doesn’t kill the power of improvisation to generate unexpected insights.” [2]

In other words, a great copy team collaboration is more like a jazz ensemble or improv theater.

The problem is, this isn’t something that you can learn from a book. Or by studying the perfect finished draft.

It’s something you have to watch and experience firsthand to understand.

But almost NO ONE will give you this backstage pass.

Top creative teams carefully guard their secrets. They don’t invite aspiring copywriters into the inner sanctum.

Until today.

While working with Henry on this Money Map Press multimillion-dollar collaboration, I saved every single recording of every session that Henry and I had while writing the promo.

I saved every copy review, every dead end, every breakthrough, every strategy, and every single drafting technique and then arranged them into an elite insider training and…

… I’m going to share it all with you.

And, while I had to do some serious sweet-talking to get the go-ahead on this release, it was worth it because there is nothing I won’t share in order to help YOU learn and grow.

Now it doesn’t matter whether you write for the financial industry, or alternative health, or self-help or anything in between. The lessons in this training are universal and apply to all top copywriters.

I’ve written multiple multimillion-dollar controls for both financial and alternative health companies over my 15 plus years in the industry. I was honored as the 2018 AWAI Copywriter of the Year. And I’m an in-demand copy chief and mentor to hundreds of copywriters today.

But more than anyone else, I believe in sharing what I’ve learned along the way.

So I’m going to pull back the curtain and show you exactly how Henry and I collaborated to take a solid $1 million dollar idea and turn it into $5.5 million in gold.

Until now, I’ve only shared these lessons with an elite group of writers at Money Map Press and a small circle of “family and friends” of Henry’s and mine.

But these recordings are too important to leave in the vault, so today I am sharing this insider knowledge with you and releasing our brand new training: The $5.5 Million Promo Breakdown: From Big Idea to Big Profits.

Inside this inner-circle training...

  • You’ll watch as we take a sh*tty first draft and hammer it into a multimillion-dollar promo with absolutely nothing more than this secret drafting tool used by A-lister copywriters worldwide.
  • You’ll experience some of the actual breakthroughs we made during the writing process. And you’ll learn how to uncover hidden gems in your own copy.
  • You will participate as a fly on the wall inside our creative brainstorming sessions and watch the exact moment where we discover the “big idea” that was going to take this promo from good to great.
  • You will hear how we push back and reject different ideas until finally landing on the right idea so you too will know how to filter through ideas for your next big project.
  • You’ll finally understand not only how to develop your promo’s “big idea” but how to convince the buyer to (literally) buy into the idea too.
  • You’ll discover the secret of “misdirection” which is how top-tier copywriters make their copy read like a novel you simply can’t put down.
  • You’ll learn the Hollywood screenwriting techniques that transform the copy from a boring recitation of the facts… to a polished movie plot. 
  • You’ll have a front-row seat to see how a highly lucrative (and entertaining!) creative collaboration works.
  • You’ll uncover the secrets of “transmutation” which take your product from a boring widget to the experience of a lifetime.
  • You’ll see how one word can change an entire promo and how to develop a dictionary of moneymaking profit-words for your own million-dollar promos. 
  • You’ll also get a copy of the final video sales letter script for your swipe file so you can go back and study it again and again, highlighting all of these key lessons.

But more than anything else,  when you watch this promo breakdown you’ll get a deep understanding and appreciation for how much FUN it is to collaborate.

When I collaborate with A-list writers like David Deutsch, Parris Lampropoulos, or Henry Bingaman, at some point I always end up laughing so hard I snort my coffee. I love all the teasing, bad jokes, good-natured ribbing and genuine connection.

I want you to experience this too. Especially now as fatigue and burnout continue to crush our creativity.

Now, here's a great little collaboration secret from Henry:

Most copywriters have no idea how copy at the most competitive companies is written. There’s this image of a genius copywriter sitting in his lair and cranking out million-dollar promo after million-dollar promo. It’s a fantasy. It doesn’t exist.

My first drafts are garbage. I’ve seen early-stage copy from some of the “biggest name” copywriters in the world. Their first drafts are garbage too.

The difference is, in the direct marketing behemoths I’ve worked with, like Money Map Press and Natural Health Sherpa, there’s a team of really smart people who work with you to make the copy better.

There’s obviously some talent factor involved in copywriting. But the biggest difference between the “A-listers” and everyone else is much simpler.

The A-list copywriters know how to give and receive feedback. They know how to edit their way to success. They know how to collaborate.  - Henry Bingaman

Look, we’ve all been through the ringer this year and thankfully 2020 is ending soon. But let’s face it, we’re still facing a lot of challenges in the year ahead.

If you need a way to supercharge your copy and make 2021 your most productive and profitable year ever,  then you MUST understand the power of creative collaboration and how it can take your copy from a sh*tty first draft to a sculpted masterpiece. You need to know what the best collaborations look like and how to improvise and draw out the best in each other.

If you purchase our brand new promo breakdown, The $5.5 Million Promo Breakdown: From Big Idea to Big Profits, not only will you learn exactly how a $5.5 million promo is made, but you will see first hand how top A-listers draft their way to success. Learn this secret today and you can break into the 7-figure ranks tomorrow.

Now, alongside your purchase today, I have some incredible discounts and bonuses. It’s my way of saying thank you and expressing my gratitude for all your support in what has been a very challenging year.

The $5.5 Million Promo Breakdown: From Big Idea to Big Profits is available for just $599.

That includes the recorded training and the swipe file.

I think you'll agree that's an incredible price for getting to see firsthand exactly how Henry and I created this powerful control for Money Map Press for Cannabis Power Trader including all the behind the scenes footage and countless drafts from start to finish.

Your exclusive training includes over 2 hours of “basement tape” recordings:

Intro: Meet Henry and Marcella and discover why they decided to share their copywriting secrets with you

Secret 1: The Big Idea: How to find compelling ideas that weave a golden thread through the whole promo

Secret 2: Misdirection: How to “plant the seeds” that keep people engaged through the whole promo… without using shady tactics

Secret 3: Guru Superpowers: How to merge the Big Idea with the guru’s godlike powers to create an unstoppable force in the audience’s mind

Secret 4: Entertainment! How to breathe life into your copy so it doesn’t sound like a dry recitation of facts and figures

Secret 5: Transmutation: How to take an ordinary product and turn it into an experience or movement that people can get behind

Q&A: Deep dive into how top copywriters, Marcella Allison and Henry Bingaman, think through their copy process

Wrap Up: Quick Overview of the 5 key takeaways and final thoughts

Your purchase today also includes some incredible, time-limited bonuses:

Bonus #1:  A-List Confidential: The secret drafting trick used by savvy A-list writers to turn C-level copy into stunning winners... almost instantly. ($49 Value)

Inside this video training you will learn:

  • The secret copy makeover tool that shows you how to transform lackluster copy into A-level masterpieces. (Used by less than 1% of copywriters, even though it works every time.)
  • An editing technique so precise it’s used by lawyers to win cases before they ever hit the courtroom.
  • How to trim excess words with a surgeon's precision until only the most essential copy remains.
  • The secret to writing lift notes so powerful they leave the reader buzzing with excitement and itching to invest.

Bonus #2:  A-List Collaboration Tips: How to get your biggest copywriting breakthroughs, especially if you want to write for royalties. ($49 Value)

This bonus video training will show you:

  • A “mystery novel” writing technique that keeps people reading or watching your promo to the end.
  • A superhero sleight of hand… how to tie the guru’s credentials to the Big Idea and transform the guru into a superhero.
  • A Hollywood screenwriting secret for writing copy that will be “performed” in a VSL. (Very different from the old-school techniques used in traditional sales letters. Some of the old techniques still apply but you have to know how and when to apply them.)
  • And, how to write VSL copy so good that it’s fascinating and persuasive, even when read aloud by real people (not trained actors) on video.

Here are what some of the lucky insiders who watched this training had to say about it…

My good friend and mentor, David Deutsch told me:

“Marcella and Henry's ‘$5.5 Million Dollar Promo Makeover’ is an amazing look inside what it really takes to create a promotion of any kind at the very highest level -- from the ways of thinking to actual techniques.

It was eye-opening for me and it's assigned viewing for any copywriter I mentor.

It's like you're there with them through the process, looking over their shoulders.

They don't just show and explain the end result. They take you through the work it took to get there.

Not for the faint of heart. But definitely for anyone aspiring to high-level copywriting success.”

-- David L. Deutsch,

Carolynn Ananian, Junior Copywriter at Money Map Press said this:

“Any copywriter who’s serious about leveling up needs to watch this training. I would question anyone who doesn’t.

As a copywriter, it’s super easy to get distracted by shiny objects (I’m guilty of this). It’s easy to forget the way you leapfrog in your career is by shadowing the pros and seeing firsthand how a multimillion-dollar promo gets made. No book can do that for you.

Most copywriters will never do this, by the way. Because they don’t want to do the work, or they don’t know how to get in the door with a pro.

When 2 of the most successful copywriters in the world invite you to a back room to watch the sausage get made, you don’t ask questions, you jump.”

-- Carolynn Ananian

And, direct response copywriter, Roman Alvarado, wrote us to say:

“That was an amazing presentation! Thank you. I re-watched it, took careful notes, and instantly thought of a million different ways to improve the campaigns I'm working on.

Finally, I understand how big ideas create million-dollar promotions. Not because someone described what a big idea is (I've read all the descriptions)... but because someone finally demonstrated how to create one.

During your demo, I realized how collaboration, feedback, and research can refine the idea... and I realized how layering stories can amplify the power of the big idea.

Your chemistry, charisma, and passion were super entertaining to watch.” 

-- Roman Alvarado

You can access your copy of The $5.5 Million Dollar Promo Breakdown today for just $599 and snag $100 in bonuses simply by clicking the button below.

If you’re like many copywriters I work with, you may have been working alone for much of the year struggling mentally with the new burdens 2020 presented. 

Well, I’d like to change that. I’d like to show you not only how you can “draft” your way to a new $5.5 million control… but I want to show you first hand the power of collaboration and how it can unlock your hidden potential and more profits than you ever imagined.

Not only that, I want you to experience firsthand the joy, energy, and unmitigated fun creative collaborations can bring to your work.

This high level collaboration skill isn’t taught anywhere else and I don’t want just an elite few to know the secret to writing top-shelf copy. I want to share as much of the training and teaching I’ve had in my life with you, so you can run with them and make them your own. 

Because I firmly believe that we all rise together. And creative collaboration is proof that it works.



[1] New Study Finds That Collaboration Drives Workplace Performance by Adi Gaskell,

[2] Group Genius: The Creative Power of Collaboration, by Keith Sawyer

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