Unchain Your Creative Brain

How to banish perfectionism, procrastination, and profit-limiting beliefs so you can create more winning copy, content, and campaigns on demand.

Writer’s block deserves its own special circle in hell. It saps your energy, destroys your confidence, and makes you feel like a failure. And, if you make your living as a creative freelancer, it can destroy your bank account and your business too. The good news is you can banish self-doubt, imposter syndrome, perfectionism, petty jealousy, and procrastination, forever and I’ve rounded up 17 of today’s top female freelancers to show you how. Take their salty seasoned advice and you’ll be creating winning copy, content, and campaigns in record time - without all the drama and self-sabotage!

Hard Won Advice From The Titanides Mentoring Collective

The Titanides Mentoring Collective includes some of the most successful women in advertising, marketing, and copywriting today. It’s a fearless group of over 700 take-no-prisoners creative freelancers with a passion for paying it forward to others. Together we have over a thousand years of collected wisdom and experience… (but we don’t look a day over 16).

We know what it’s like to doubt yourself and your abilities. We too have procrastinated by binge watching Netflix and consuming mountains of carbs. We’ve struggled with perfectionism and every other ‘ism you can imagine. We’ve survived all these productivity demons and more.

Now we want to show YOU the way. Because you do NOT have to suffer to create. You do not have to destroy your health, your wealth and your well being just to succeed. Creativity can be fun and dare I say it, joyful.

So ditch the bra, kick off your shoes, grab your favorite beverage and let’s get down to business.

Here's What's Covered:

This career-saving 61 page book is stuffed to the gills with dozens of our in-the-trenches tips on how to quiet the critic, reclaim your creative mojo, and write like a bat out of hell.

For example, you’ll discover...

  • 3 improv secrets that open up the idea “spigot” and silence your "negative Nancy" inner critic.
  • Unconventional party tricks that lure your next big idea out of hiding and reel your client in hook, line, and sinker.
  • The secret to pushing past your carefully constructed creative boundaries so you can dish out your own unique brand of copy and content.
  • How a revered kick-butt direct response copywriter (that we all know and love) cranks out dozens of breakthrough packages year after year after year and racks up massive royalties - without ever suffering from writer’s block.
  • Why you do NOT have to get drunk, naked, or high to be creative. Plus, 3 scientifically proven brain-boosting secrets that will have you innovating like a jazz musician without landing you in rehab!
  • How to boost creativity and stimulate the pleasure center in your brain with a little trick called ‘artist dates’. Plus, more inventive tips from a decade spent working with contemporary artists.

But that’s not all. You’ll also uncover insider advice on beating the blank page blues and generating genius ideas under tight deadlines. After reading this book you’ll understand:

  • Why you should NEVER start with a blank page. Never! Plus what to do instead to crank out 7 pages of copy in record time.
  • 5 tricks to producing creative copy on demand - even when you’re brain dead and out of gas (this one was invented by a desperate in-house copywriter).
  • Why a retired Army Major and top copywriter believes dropping f-bombs does NOT make you a badass.
  • 3 creative traps that ambush even the best copywriter. Plus, how to break out of them and get the cash register ringing again.
  • How to get to work, get the bills paid, and keep the client happy - even when you feel like hell.
  • 13 ways to get out of a rut and stop feeling like a useless blob and get back to your creative, motivated self (if that was ever you). #3 involves self-help-y woo shit. #7 is the exact opposite of what most people tell you to do. And #12 will have you writing your way out in seconds.

And, the advice doesn’t stop there. Top mind-set coaches, performance experts, and psychologists to the stars all weigh in on the best way to unclog your brain. With their expert advice you’ll know:

  • How to get to the root cause of writer’s block and stop sticking BandAids on gunshot wounds.
  • The little-known connection between imposter syndrome and procrastination. Plus, the ONE thing you can do to stop both.
  • How to silence the negative thoughts in your head once and for all so you can free your creative genius and generate big ideas at will.
  • How to stop your business from being hijacked by Imposter Syndrome with this one strange twist.
  • How to break free and confidently hurdle past the creative blocks that keep you frozen in perfectionism and imprisoned by procrastination.

This clever little book should be required reading for all freelancers.

All the writing advice in the world won’t save you when you're frozen like a deer in the headlights or sobbing at your desk because you haven’t written a word in 36 hours. So ditch the Vodka and Prozac and order your copy of 17 Ways to Beat Back Writer's Block and Win by the Titanides Mentoring Collective.

As they say, this ain’t our first rodeo. The Titanides Mentoring Collective published our first book, Why Didn’t Anybody Tell Me This Sh*t Before? To rave reviews.

See what readers had to share about the advice and mentoring they received...

If You're a Woman, The Title Says It All - OMG

“I could tell within a few pages that this was going to be a book I wanted to savor instead of devour. I relate to every story in this book and some overwhelmingly so. It's comforting to know so many other women have gone through the same thing - and it's incredibly sad that we didn't tell each other this stuff before now. If only I'd had this book in my 20s - I'd have ruled the world. LOL Seriously, I'm so thankful to have it now. It's a book I'll be going back to again and again. Thank you to every woman who contributed to it, for baring your souls and for your honesty. Love you all!” - PopcornReads
“Wow, I did not expect this book to have such an impact on me.”
“The "letters to our younger selves' all come from respected and successful entrepreneurs, who also happen to be freaking superwomen. This book is a powerful emotional rollercoaster filled with some of the best advice I've seen in my almost-decade-long freelance career. Whether you're looking for a pep talk, an action plan, or even if you just need to know you're not alone in this crazy rollercoaster of self-employed business – this one is for you.” - Rachel Mazza
“A very inspirational and well written book! Needing motivation? This will gear you up and load you up with lessons of some great entrepreneurs”. - Amazon.com review

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17 Ways to Beat Back Writer's Block and Win
by the Titanides Mentoring Collective

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What is the price of one great idea? Or one new million-dollar creative campaign? Or just one piece of great content that goes viral on Instagram, Facebook, or YouTube?

Look, when you’re banging your head against the wall at midnight, praying for a miracle to strike like lightning, you’ll wish you had this book at your fingertips. And you’d be willing to pay any price to get your hands on it and save your hide.

I’ve been there and I know how that feels. That’s why I want to make sure this business-saving ebook is available to all freelancers at an affordable price. I don’t want anyone crawling under the desk with a bottle of bourbon or eating their weight in chocolate because they’ve reached the end of their creative rope.

This eBook is just one example of how we mentor each other in the Titanides Mentoring Collective.  We share our experience, strength, and connections with each other. Because research shows that women who have a second women-only inner circle land jobs with 250% greater pay and authority. And this the reason why. We really do all rise together.

The full price for the 17 Ways to Beat Back Writer’s Block and Win ebook is $99. And I think you’ll agree that’s more than fair for a 61 page book loaded with creativity tips from some of the most successful female freelancers working today.

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Don’t wait until you're staring down the barrel of a blank page in a blind panic. 

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17 Ways to Beat Back Writer's Block and Win

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