Welcome to the (Not So Secret)
Order of the Titanides

The Titanides (pronounced ti-tah-ni-dace) is a private online community of female entrepreneurs, copywriters, and marketers.

Here we inspire and help each other to succeed both in business and in life. We work together to motivate, empower, and mentor other women. We give generously of our time and talents. And we are fiercely loyal to one another.

If this sounds like you, please join our fearless tribe of female leaders and start rewriting the rules of business today.

Founding of the Order

Why Women Sometimes Need a Room of Our Own To Thrive in a Testosterone-Fueled Business World

All my life I’ve been one of the ‘only women in the room’.

I was one of only five women in my MBA class. I was the only breastfeeding venture capitalist at my investment firm. And I was one of a handful of female financial copywriters.

I’ve spent decades surrounded by smart, talented, successful men. Lots and lots of men. And I’ve learned to adapt and survive and even thrive in all-male business settings.

So in 2015, when I found myself at yet another marketing industry event without a single woman on the stage… I honestly wasn’t too surprised.

The conference was billed as the titans of the industry. And every single one was a man.

Now when some women heard about this, they decided to boycott the conference. And I get it. That’s a totally valid response.

But I decided to do something different…

Instead of boycotting the conference, I hijacked it. I grabbed all the women I could find at the conference, and I invited them to a small intimate dinner at the hotel that night.  We ended up sitting around the table for hours, sharing the truth of our lives, both personal and professional.

At the end of the evening, we decided that one night was not enough. We wanted more.  And that’s how the Titanides was born.

In Greek mythology, the Titanides were a bunch of creative, bad-ass, take-no-prisoners, Greek goddesses who ruled the world.  And they included the mother of the muses.  What better archetype for a group of female copywriters, marketers, and entrepreneurs?

Our mission for Titanides is simple:  to inspire more female speakers, leaders and mentors… by becoming leaders and mentors ourselves.

You see, I believe that those of us who have succeeded in the testosterone-driven business world have a duty to stand up and hold the door open for the next woman in line.  I believe that once we have achieved a certain level of success, we have a responsibility to pay it forward and advocate for other women.

It was Virginia Woolf who famously wrote, “A woman must have money and a room of her own if she is to write fiction.” I would add that a woman needs money and a room of her own if she is to succeed in the business world as well.

The Titanides gives us a room of our own where our credentials are accepted without question… where we can talk shop or shopping, business or boyfriends, close deals or vent… all without having to explain or defend ourselves.

Most importantly, the Titanides is a place where we inspire, empower, and mentor other women to go as far in business as they desire. Because the entire world benefits when smart, talented women succeed.

So kick off your heels, grab a glass of wine and join our no judgment community.

~ Marcella Allison, founder of the (Not So Secret) Order of the Titanides

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Who Are Titanides?

The ancient Titanides were complex, beautiful, fierce creatures – just like the modern day women in this group. These powerful Greek goddesses and their descendants were warriors, leaders, creators, fiercely protective mothers, wives and patrons.

They demanded their dues and never allowed disrespect or dismissal to go unchecked. They believed themselves to be worthy of the best the universe had to offer. They knew what they wanted, and they used every tool at their disposal to get it.

The ancient Titanides were not simple creatures, but complex, multi-faceted characters. They could be generous and vengeful. Kind and manipulative. Creative and cruel.

Like the ancient Titanides, today’s Titanides are definitely multi-faceted.

But the women in our modern day Titanides community are not wrathful like the goddesses could be. They are not vengeful. They do not tear other women down to soothe themselves.
Our Titanides are dedicated to building women up.

So who are we?

We are risk takers

The original Titanides were creators of their destiny, moving and shaping the world into what they wanted it to be. And so are the modern-day Titanides. You see, studies show that no matter how overqualified or overprepared a woman may be, she often still hesitates to take the leap. And we miss out on opportunities because of it. That’s why Titanides encourage each other to grab opportunities when they appear, not when you think you might be ready for it. You can count on us for a friendly shove, a shout of encouragement, or the confidence to jump when you need it.

We are resilient

Whether in business or in life, resilience is key. Because no matter how great life looks on social media, the road to everything you desire will never be a straight, smooth path. Life is going to twist and turn in unexpected ways. You’re going to fall down. And when the worst happens, Titanides get back up. We brush each other off, and help carry one another across the finish line. Every time. Our community is a safe space where you can share the stories of your setbacks, defeats and all-is-lost moments, without judgment or criticism. And when you succeed, we’ll be the first to pop the cork on the champagne!

We are generous

Titanides practice generosity. We believe in freely sharing our resources and knowledge with each other. This could mean mentoring and teaching across all levels, or introducing a fellow member to a new contact or opportunity. At some point, someone held a door open for you, and we all benefit when you open a door for the next woman. And you don’t have to be a 20-year business veteran to share what you know. Every woman has something to offer at every stage of the journey. If you’ve been in business for one month, you have 30 days more experience than the woman who started today, so help a sister out!

Discover how to join the (Not So Secret) Order of the Titanides here and experience a supportive community that will help you succeed in business (and in life).

Gifts From The Order

The (Not So Secret) Order of the Titanides offers a secure community where women can nurture each other in genuine and authentic ways. It’s a private space where we make the rules. And it’s a community that empowers us to grow and expand our definition of success.

Here are some of the advantages you get when you join the Titanides:

  • Access to our private Titanides Facebook group, where we celebrate your successes and help you navigate the bumps in the road.
  • Community mentoring with other Titanides, so you can get answers to all your questions in a safe place, without fear of judgment or ‘looking stupid.’ We’re all on this journey together.
  • A place to find a new job opportunity that could change the course of your career. Or to post job opportunities for other Titanides and continue to pay it forward.
  • Weekly mentoring and engaging posts from Marcella and other veteran copywriters, marketers and entrepreneurs to encourage you and guide you through difficult situations.
  • Marcella’s weekly vlog (video blog) where she shares life, business and copywriting lessons she’s learned from conferences, from her clients, from copychiefing other writers, and from people she meets on her travels. She’ll pass on useful information that will help you accelerate your writing and your business.
  • A monthly e-mail newsletter packed with insights on issues facing women in business (and life), thoughts on challenges facing members, advice and stories, upcoming events, and more!
  • Twice monthly live Fearless Fast Writes. These 45-minute sessions focus on writing to discover the revelations and ideas lurking just below the surface of your subconscious. Fast Writes are a great way to spark your imagination and get your creative juices flowing. Discover more about Fearless Fast Writes »
  • Invitations to continuing conversations where we hone our skills and discuss issues facing women, both in life and in our careers (like #metoo).

And, of course, you’ll get exclusive invitations to our annual Titanides gala and live meet-ups throughout the year!

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Care Of The Order

The (Not So Secret) Order of the Titanides is an inclusive, nonjudgmental, apolitical organization that welcomes all women with a drive to succeed in business. Our community is a confidential, safe space where we discuss challenges, give and receive advice, and engage in thought-provoking discussions on building a career, juggling work and family obligations, and current topics related to women in the business world.

To help us keep the space welcoming to every woman, please review our member guidelines, designed to inspire productive, positive interaction.

Welcome new Titanides to the private Facebook group with a short comment or question for new members. Acknowledge the new member’s presence and make her feel seen and heard in the group.

Titanides represent the entire range of beliefs, origins, and worldviews. We’re here to create an inclusive community, lift each other up and provide a safe harbor in a sometimes testosterone-fueled business world. To that end, please do not post political or divisive content or comments that may insult a member with different beliefs.

Speak your own truth, from your own experiences, and do not pass judgment on another woman. Keep all discourse respectful. Of course there’ll be different opinions in the group, some of them very strong. But we do not, under any circumstances, engage in flaming Facebook wars that seem to be so popular elsewhere.

Feel free to post articles, webinars, books and other resources to the group that you feel will be helpful to other members. A good guideline regarding posting outside content in the group: When you see a woman in public, alive or dead, practicing something you feel is a quality of the Titanides, post about her for others to see and gain inspiration from.

Support members with weekly (or more!) comments, encouragements and engagement to keep the conversation lively and morale high. Bonus: When you post about your own challenges, you’ll get the same level of support in return!

Subscribe to the Titanides email list to receive the newsletter and stay informed on all the activities and changes happening in our community.

Help us grow our community by nominating other women who you feel are qualified to join. Click here for more information on joining the (Not So Secret) Order of the Titanides.

And most importantly: Always respect the Titanides Code of Silence. Titanides is a safe space because we’re free to share our personal stories and experience without fear of repercussions. Keeping every woman’s personal expressions private and confidential is essential to our success. Do not share others’ stories outside of the group, either online or in person.

Lessons From Titanides

Marcella and Laura met at a marketing event in late 2017. Laura was helping the host write his own book at the time, and with her characteristic verve, Marcella told Laura about a collection of 20 mentoring letters she had printed for her community of female copywriters, marketers, and entrepreneurs after an event of her own.

That little collection had made such a huge impression on her community that she wanted to expand the project to include many more successful women and to take it to a much bigger audience.

And so, ‘Why Didn’t Anyone Tell Me This Sh*t Before?’ started to take shape. From the leaders of multimillion-dollar companies to ‘solopreneurs’ and every position in between, these letters are a testament to the strength, resilience and ingenuity of women making their way in the world.

Marcella’s community — called the (Not-So-Secret) Order of the Titanides (named for the female figures in Greek mythology descended from the gods, who represent so many interesting characteristics in us all) — is full of women who are using their success and platforms to create meaningful change in how women do business and show up in their own communities.

At this pivotal moment in time, when the ‘MeToo’ movement is in full swing, when feminism is having a rebirth and when women are ever more visible and influential in the economic, sociopolitical and cultural spheres, this book tells a story that every woman needs to hear, whether she is an entrepreneur or not: that despite the challenges women continue to face in the workplace and wider society, they have the power to direct their own lives — and in so doing, to change the world for the better.

This book is our contribution to that critical conversation, a tool for collective mentorship from ordinary women who have created their own success. These are not distant celebrities, or the scions of established families, but everyday women from a range of backgrounds, cultures and sensibilities.

Their wisdom and lessons twine together to create a lifeline, particularly for women in entrepreneurship and business, that will show each reader that they are not alone, that someone has faced similar trials and prevailed, and that good can come out of even the most challenging situations.

These letters — 67 in total — cover an extraordinary range. Far from being a book of platitudes or soothing fairy tales, this book tells it like it is. Some letters are raw and shocking, others are funny and uplifting.

Whether we’re on the entrepreneurial road or we’re more ‘intrapreneurial’, we are all looking for insights into the personal and professional situations that take us to the edge of our abilities. This book is both lifeline and roadmap, and we encourage you to see that you are made from the same stuff as all these women.

Take courage, and borrow from their strength. Give yourself some grace, and learn from their lessons. And trust that the triumph, joy and hopefulness they have earned is waiting for you too.

And if you see yourself reflected in these pages, join us in the Titanides community. You have a place with us, and we’re waiting for you.

— Laura Hanly & Marcella Allison.


Thanks, Marcella & Jennifer for organizing this! It was wonderful to connect with each of you – and to see what resulted from our 5 minutes of writing. I am looking forward to doing it again!

Diane Sweeney

Was a gift to be around badass women in this industry who just bared every single weakness and vulnerability for us to relate to.

2017 Attendee

Rendezvous With The Titanides

Titanides Gala

Every year since the founding of the Titanides, we have joined together once a year in an evening of celebration, mentoring, growth, writing, gourmet food, and champagne.

The 2018 Titanides Gala will be held from 6pm-9pm on Tuesday, October 16 in the Coral Reef Room at the Marriott in Delray Beach, Fla. This year’s celebration will feature our book of collective wisdom, Why Didn’t Anyone Tell Me This Sh*t Before, full of raw and real letters from many of our members.

Join us for a delicious dinner, a fun swag bag of Titanides goodies, writing exercises, a keynote address, a champagne toast, and a community that is unlike any other in its wisdom, realness and vulnerability!

Expect to experience personal connections, real and valuable networking that doesn’t feel sleazy, mind-blowing presentations about how to accelerate your career, tons of laughter and fun, and, of course, champagne!

You’ll also have access to the recordings of all the amazing women speakers and incredible content from the 2017 Titanides Gala. It was a truly memorable, powerful event. See what some of the attendees had to say about their experiences:

“It has not been in my nature to join ‘women’s groups,’ yet this turned out to be an extremely useful and powerful/impactful day for me.”
~ Kathleen Patten

“The whole event was a gift and I am very glad, ecstatic really, that I have been able to attend. I got so very much out of this day. Looking forward to coming back again.”
~ Trudy Black

“I’m grateful for the vulnerability and raw emotion shared throughout the day. The wisdom and guidance of the feminine was greatly appreciated.”
~ Amanda Foxcroft

“The vulnerability and raw speeches from so many speakers helped me to look at myself and see where I am with my work, and emotionally, and realize it’s ok.”
~ Laurie Garrison

“The entire day has been a gift. I feel everyone in the room can have a hand in providing me guidance, and helping transformation, including all the messy and chaotic parts.”
~ 2017 attendee

“I have never been to anything like this! I will return.”
~ 2017 attendee

We’re sorry, but the 2018 Titanides Gala in Delray Beach is currently sold out. We will miss you like crazy and hope to see you next year. If you would like to add your name to the waitlist in case of a last minute cancellation, then please email Jennifer Wells at titanidesconference@gmail.com.


Whenever there are two or more Titanides at any industry event, we make sure to meet up in person so we can bring online relationships into the so-called real world.

It’s so energizing to share physical space with other women on the same journey… and have a chance to talk freely, without a keyboard or video camera between us!

Previous meet-ups include:

  • October 2017 Copy Chief Live Titanides Dinner in St. Petersburg, Fla.
  • Breakfast at Kira Hug’s February 2018 Copywriter Club event in New York City, which included the Titanides and The Girls’ Club.
  • Impromptu Titanides happy hour and dinners in Baltimore with the lovely women from many of the Agora Companies.

Future meet-ups will be announced in the private Facebook group and the email newsletter.

Stay tuned!


Fearless Fast Writes

Fearless Fast Writes is a practice first developed by Mary Pierce Brosmer, the founder of Women Writing For A Change.

The Fast Write practice is not about perfection. It’s not even about good writing. It’s about getting your creative juices flowing and letting your heart fly out onto the page. The idea is to practice writing fast enough to stay ahead of your internal critic, because that bitch can be brutal.

Fast Writes allow you to get out some of that inner joy and creativity and let some new ideas bubble forth. It’s also a way to address some of the issues that we face as women.

Each Fast Write lasts about 45 minutes and it works like this:

We pick a topic, or prompt. This could be an essay from our book, Why Didn’t Anyone Tell Me This Sh*t Before, something in the news or that we’ve seen online, or a theme that has been coming up in the private Facebook community.

We set a timer for 5 minutes and when it starts, we write nonstop until the timer chimes. The fast write is about speed, not perfection. You do not lift your pen from the page. You do not stop writing. Even if you’re just writing random thoughts and you don’t think it’s something crazy valuable, just write. You’ll be surprised by what comes out.

We do a Read Around. We go around the group and each woman reads aloud what she wrote (if she wants to). When she’s done, there is no applause, no critiques, no compliments. All you hear is a chime, holding space for her experiences and wisdom.

We capture a line from each woman. As each woman reads, we all write down a line or phrase from her words that struck us.  It can be anything that resonated with you.

And finally, we do Read Backs.  After every woman has read, then we read our captured lines aloud, like a Greek chorus. It’s a way of acknowledging, supporting and recognizing the wisdom in each of us, and sharing it with each other without criticism or judgment.

That’s it.

It sounds weirdly simple, but it can be a powerful practice. It brings us together as a community because you can discover a lot about a person in just a few minutes of fast writing.  More importantly, fast writes can become the jumping off place for new ideas, new projects, or new discoveries and insights about yourself.

Just see what other Titanides are saying about previous Fearless Fast Writes:

“Oh wow. Thank you all for that fast write today. Who knew you could go so deep with things in just five minutes? A lot to be unpacking and growing from… THANK YOU!”
~ Jen Adams

“What a deep experience, to spend such a short amount of time and get to know you all (and myself) so much better … it’s like a light in the middle of my otherwise everyday day! Thanks, all!”
~ Joyce Hollman

“All I could keep thinking was, ‘I am so honored to be in the midst of such fine, brave women.’ Thank you.”
~ Mary Rose Maguire

“Fun, warm, raw, validating, joyful! Big hugs to all!”
~ Shelley Ware

“It was wonderful to connect with each of you – and to see what resulted from our 5 minutes of writing. I am looking forward to doing it again!”
~ Diane Sweeney

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So Are You A Titanides?

So how do you become a Titanides? It’s simple. There are no hazing rituals or secret initiation rites (although that could be fun…).

The only requirements for membership are that you identify as a woman, you have a drive to succeed in business and you can commit to following the Titanides guidelines

If you agree with our guidelines and you want what we’ve created here, then you’re definitely a Titanides! And we would love for you to join our (Not So Secret) Order of the Titanides so you can enjoy a community unlike any other.

There are a few ways to join the party:

1. Sign up for the Titanides email list. (We won’t sell your name to strangers or proposition you with sleazy offers!) When you sign up, you get:

  • Event and meet-up notifications
  • The Fearless Fast Write schedule
  • A heads-up when Marcella posts a new vlog
  • Our monthly Titanides newsletter

We do NOT rent our list to anyone. Our list is exclusive to Titanides and we respect your privacy. Sign up for the Titanides email list below:

2. Request to join the Titanides Facebook group. When you submit a request, a short application will pop up. Answer all the questions and our membership committee will review the answers and welcome you to the fold. Request to join here!

  • If you are already a part of our Facebook community, please keep an eye out for updates, Fast Writes, and ongoing mentoring and inspiration, both before and after events.

3. To contact us directly, please email us at titanidesconference@gmail.com.