​​​Why Sometimes Women Need a Room of Our Own 
To Compete in a Testosterone-Fueled Business World

​​Announcing Titanides All-Day
Women’s Success Accelerator

Delray Beach, Florida on October 17, 2017

Announcing Titanides All Day
Women’s Success Accelerator
Why Sometimes Women Need a Room of Our Own
To Compete in a Testosterone-Fueled Business World
Why Smart Women Need a Room of Our Own to Succeed in a Testosterone Driven Business World

All my life I’ve been one of the ‘only women in the room’. I was a female entrepreneur in 1994 long before it was fashionable. I was one of only five women in my MBA class. I was the only breast-feeding venture capitalist at my investment firm. I was one of a handful of female financial copywriters. And I’m one of a short list of female-owned advertising agencies.

I’ve spent decades surrounded by smart, talented, successful, men. Lots and lots of men. And I’ve learned to adapt and survive and even thrive in all-male business settings.

But sometimes I just want to kick off my heels and sit down with a bunch of women…

Because they are the ones who understand what it’s like to be trapped in a business meeting and have breast milk leak all over your blouse.

They know what it’s like to have to pack your own suitcase, cook and freeze a weeks’ worth of meals, and leave sixty pages of directions just to leave town for two days for a conference.

They know how it feels to suffer through condescending ‘mansplaining’, inappropriate jokes, or endless sports metaphors without batting an eye.

I want a room of our own where women don’t have to explain, justify or defend ourselves… where our credentials are accepted without question… and where we can let down our guard without being judged.

I want a private place where we can share a glass of wine with each other and talk shop or shopping. I want to be able to discuss business or boyfriends, close deals or vent… all without worrying it will come back to bite us in the behind.

Most importantly, I want a place where we can inspire, empower, and mentor other women to succeed. Because ALL of us can benefit from being surrounded by more smart, talented, successful women.

And that’s why I created Titanides Live, an all-day, women’s success accelerator for female marketers, entrepreneurs, and copywriters.

Where you’ll discover...

  • The copywriting secrets top female copywriters use to create million-dollar packages.
  • Why any woman can write in any guru’s voice: from a male testosterone-filled financial expert to a female Chinese energy healer... Plus how to measure how close you’ve come to capturing their voice.
  • What you must know to tap into your prospect’s deepest emotions. And how to discover it using these clever online tricks.
  • How to master difficult conversations with clients and business partners to get what you need to succeed.
  • The best negotiating tactics for women. Plus hidden landmines to avoid when trying to close the deal.
  • How to avoid unconsciously alienating your customers in a world consumed by social media.
  • How to tell your personal story to build your brand, get more clients, and create empathy with your audience.
  • The secret to overcoming your biggest fears and stop self-doubt from hijacking your brain and sabotaging your career!
  • How to find and work with a great mentor (male or female) to accelerate your career.
  • Personal and heart-felt advice from extraordinary women about what it takes to succeed in business and life.
  • Whether you need a female mentor, a safe supportive community, a helping hand with your business plan, a glass of wine, a good laugh, or a kick in the ass to get moving…

    We’re here.

    Nice Midwestern Girl Accidentally Starts a Female Uprising

    I’m Marcella Allison and I’m the founder of the ‘not-so-secret’ order of the Titanides. You see, three years ago, I found myself at yet another conference without a single woman speaker on the stage… Not one.

    Now when some women heard about this, they decided to boycott the conference. And I get it, that’s a totally valid response.

    But I’m a nice Midwestern girl and one my male mentors was hosting the conference. He had done a lot to support me in my career over the years. So after talking to him about it, I decided to do something different…

    I decided to hijack every woman in the room and form our own private group instead. I grabbed all the women I could find at the conference and I invited them to a small intimate dinner at the hotel that night.

    Together, we created a safe, secure space where the women could share their stories, their triumphs and tragedies, both personal and professional.

    It was the one place where new female marketers, entrepreneurs and copywriters just starting out could sit and have conversations with seasoned female veterans. Without worrying they would be judged or misunderstood or rudely interrupted.

    Then, after the dinner was over, I created a private online community where the women could continue to share their experience, knowledge, and expertise with each other. Where younger women could be mentored and empowered. And where we could all continue to cheer one another on.

    And that’s how the Titanides were born!

    In Greek mythology, the Titanides were the six goddesses who ruled heaven and earth. And they included the mother of the muses. What better archetype for a group of female copywriters, marketers and entrepreneurs than a bunch of creative, bad-ass, take-no-prisoners, goddesses who rule the world?

    Now it is three years later and our small band of eighteen women has grown to over two hundred women. And this October, for the first time ever, we’re opening up the doors to our small private community and hosting our inaugural conference: Titanides Live.

    Where Smart, Successful, Women Rule The Stage

    Now I have to give Brian Kurtz, founder and host of the Titans of Direct Response, credit. After he realized there were no women on the stage, he publicly recognized all the leading industry women in the audience including me. And then he asked me to lead the third day of the conference with him. Not only that, but he encouraged me to found the Titanides and backed it up with hands on mentoring.

    And he’s not the only one. So many of my male colleagues and mentors have supported the Titanides. And some of them generously offered to speak at our inaugural event. 

    But I politely turned them all down. Because our mission is to encourage more women to take the stage and share their wisdom, strength, and expertise with other women.

    That’s why every speaker at Titanides Live is a woman. Every. Single. One.

    Why No Men?

    Not only that, but the audience is women-only too. That’s because the Titanides Women’s Success Accelerator is women-only. And that has raised a few eyebrows…

    It’s not that I don’t love working with men. I do. As I said, I’ve worked in male dominated industries all my life. I’ve worked alongside some of the best men in the direct response industry. Legends who trained me to write million-dollar controls and generously shared their knowledge and experience with me.

    But the truth is, it takes a different kind of mental energy for me to work with the men. And that’s available to me any time I want to go out into the world of advertising and direct response.

    What is NOT always available to me is a safe place where I can network with a group of women.

    Leading executive recruiter Stacey Gordon gets asked the “Why no men?” question a lot.

    Her answer in Forbes is simple. She says, “We need is a place where we can nurture relationships in a way that feels comfortable, a venue where we make the rules, and a private space that empowers us.

    That’s exactly what we are creating with Titanides Live. 

    You see, I believe that those of us who have succeeded in the testosterone-driven business world have a duty to stand up and hold the door open for the next woman in line. I believe that once we have achieved a certain level of success, we have a responsibility to pay it forward and advocate for other women. 

    That’s why Titanides Live features a full day of career-changing content from some of the best female entrepreneurs, coaches, mentors, and copywriters in the business. 

    These Talented Titanides Are Opening the Door for YOU

    When we decided to launch the first ever all day Titanides Live, I reached out to some amazing women and asked them to pay it forward by speaking at this inaugural event. And even though they are all very busy and in demand, they all said yes. Every single one of them.

    They have set the bar high for generosity and what they plan on sharing with you could make or break your career in the next six months.

    Here’s just a short list of what you’ll experience at Titanides Live…

    These Talented Titanides Are Opening the Door for YOU

    Marcella Allison, yours truly, is going to kick off the day by demonstrating how working with a great mentor can skyrocket your career. I have been mentored for more than a decade by copywriting and marketing legends like Parris Lampropoulos, David Deutsch, Mark Ford, Clayton Makepeace, Mike Ward and more.

    I’ve also been lucky to have some amazing women paving the way for me. Women like the brilliant financial analyst and venture capitalist, Karen Morgan, who helped me break into the venture capital world by holding the door for me. Or Elizabeth Solway, the talented business manager at Carl Solway Gallery, who taught me how to run and manage a small business.

    Or the passionate advocate and writer Mary Pierce Brosmer, founder of Women Writing for a Change, who inspired my lifelong love of writing. Or the coach, instigator, and ass-kicker extraordinaire, Monica Day, who encouraged me to start my own freelance copywriting firm more than a decade ago and showed me the way.

    I’ve worked with extraordinary mentors like these throughout my entire career. And for the first time I’m going to pull back the curtain and show you exactly how I work with my mentors on a day to day basis to generate million dollar controls. Plus, I’ll reveal my insider secrets to finding a great mentor and convincing them to work with you. And I’ll share some of the toughest challenges I faced with my mentors and how I worked through them.

    Annie Hyman Pratt is the former CEO of The Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf and a hugely successful entrepreneur in her own right. She currently works with leading entrepreneurs to rapidly grow their companies. Her Titanides super power is helping you navigate tricky conversations with male (and female!) clients and colleagues.

    Annie recently mentored me through a very difficult conversation with a client and I was blown away by the results. Annie is a master at helping you get what you need without getting sucked into a pissing contest or ego posturing.

    Carline Anglade-Cole is a legend in the health supplement business, with dozens of million dollar, multi-year controls for leading clients including: Health Resources … True Health … Healthy Directions … Boardroom … Vitamin Research Group … and many more. Her Titanides super power is teaching other women how to write compelling copy in a funny, engaging, easy-to-understand way.

    When I heard Carline use childbirth, breast feeding and parenting metaphors to explain her copywriting process, I wanted to stand up and cheer. Carline and her daughter, Tiara Cole, are going to look back and share their biggest life lessons with you in an intimate interview for Titanides only.

    Lorrie Morgan Ferrero and Pauline Longdon are a great real-life example of how a powerful female mentor can support and lead the way for another kick-ass female copywriter.  Their collective Titanides super power is communicating to the emerging (and often ignored) conscious consumer.

    Their unique approach channels the power of everyday conversations hidden in plain view on social media.  Lorrie and Pauline will reveal the secret techniques they use to access the communication sweet-spot that are overlooked by our male counterparts (at their own peril!). Get your pen and notepad ready because you will not hear their powerful insights anywhere else!

    Abbey Woodcock is not only a bad ass marketer and copywriter who consults and writes for some of the biggest names in internet marketing, she’s also a chainsaw instructor who teaches veterans new skills in her spare time. As I write this, she’s deploying to Texas to help with rescue and cleanup efforts. Her Titanides super power is writing in the voice of a testosterone male driven guru.

    Abby breaks down all the stereotypes about female copywriters. At Titanides LIVE she shows you how to write for male audiences in a male voice… or any voice you choose!

    Ilise Benun is the author of 7 business books for the “creatively self-employed,” a national speaker and founder of Marketing-Mentor.com. At Titanides Live, she reveals the biggest negotiating mistakes women make and how you can avoid shooting yourself in the foot when you negotiate high stake deals.

    In a world of loud mouth extroverts, Ilise is a powerful introvert. Ilise’s Titanides super power is teaching all women, even introverts, to be better negotiators, advocates for themselves and smart businesswomen.

    Mary Kincaid’s Titanides super power is story telling. This is a critical skill that every entrepreneur MUST master. Why? Because as video sales letters, Facebook ads and live Facebook streaming take over the marketing world, the best storyteller wins.

    And what many folks don’t realize is that writing a good story is NOT the same thing as telling one. So we’re going to break it down for you step by step. So you can tell your personal story with confidence – whether it’s in front of a panel of venture capitalists on Shark Tank or in front of a live 2,000-person audience at next year’s Titanides Live.

    Monica Day was my first female coach, advocate and all around bad ass. She had my back for years while I was nearly mentored to death by every top male copywriter and marketer in the industry. She threatened to kick my ass on more than one occasion and even threatened to kick my mentor’s asses too!

    Every woman needs a truth teller and fierce fighter by her side, and that’s Monica’s Titanides power. Warning: don’t tell Monica your goals unless you are serious about achieving them. She won’t settle for anything less from you.

    Not only will every single one of the amazing women above pay it forward by speaking at Titanides Live, they’ll also share lunch and conversation with you. They will do journaling exercises side by side with you. They will have a glass of wine with you at happy hour. And they will toast your success when we end the day together.

    They’ll be with you not just for one day but for many months after. As you continue on your journey, they will support and encourage you in every way they can.

    They’ll be the first to congratulate you when you land that new client, launch your new business, or give that keynote address!

    Because like me, these women have a desire to pay it forward and empower the next generation of female leaders.

    ​Why I Believe In Paying It Forward

    Why I Believe In Paying It Forward

    I’m a firm believer that the only way to change the world is to start in your own back yard. And my own back yard includes copywriters, marketers, publishers and entrepreneurs of all shapes and sizes. It includes YOU.

    I’m starting by making it my mission to encourage, support, and empower more women… to become leaders, to speak, to mentor, to teach. Because the fact is, it’s very hard to find female mentors at the highest levels of almost any industry. 

    According to The Harvard Business Review, “The term “glass ceiling” was coined more than 30 years ago. And yet women still hold less than 20% of seats on corporate boards at S&P 500 companies.”

    According to The Economist, “In only seven countries do women take part in business at rates equal to men…”

    Guess what… the US isn’t one of them!

    And according to Forbes, the U.S. is one of the LOWEST scoring countries when it comes to women in senior management roles.

    That’s why I founded the Titanides. Because again, the only way we will have more female mentors is if the senior women in this industry step up to the plate and become mentors ourselves.

    Last year the incredibly talented and successful Carline Anglade-Cole confessed to me that she had been asked to give the key note address for the AWAI 20th Anniversary Copywriting Bootcamp this year. But she was going to turn it down because it’s a huge responsibility and she’s busy with her work, her company, and her family. 

    But after attending the Titanides dinner that night, she turned to me and said, “Marcella, you’re right, this isn’t about me. It’s about the other women in the room. I have to say yes…”

    And I cannot wait to hear her deliver the keynote address this year. But I’m even MORE excited to hear her speak and share her story in the small intimate setting of Titanides Live the day before on October 17th.

    Now I want to take her gift and pay it forward by encouraging and inspiring MORE women to take leadership roles in this industry. 

    Won’t you join us?

    Let Me Know How I Can Help…

    You’ll never find a better advocate or warrior than me. I’ll fight for your dreams and goals every step of the way. Especially if you are a woman.

    I’ve been the only woman in the room so many times that I have developed a sixth sense for when a woman needs a shoulder to lean on or climb on. Sometimes it’s just a quick chat in the hall or a phone call checking in. Sometimes it’s sending over a resource or offering to connect her with someone who’s been there.

    The truth is, I simply enjoy connecting people. At the last event I attended, I was sitting in the bar when several of the marketers asked me for referrals for copywriters. So I jumped on my computer, started posting messages in the Titanides group, shooting off emails left and right. By the end of the evening I’d connected half a dozen copywriters to companies – all while sitting in the bar drinking hot tea. I didn’t do it to make money or win favors. I did it to help the industry… and build more connections for women copywriters.

    I’m an A-list multimillion dollar copywriter with multiple controls for BottomLine/Boardroom, Advanced Bionutritionals/Soundview, The Money Map, The Motley Fool, Investing Daily, and many more. I’ve been running my own copywriting agency for a decade now and I’ve trained all the copywriters who work with me.

    Until now, the only way to train with me was to be hired by my agency or to attend AWAI’s Copywriting Bootcamp or Kevin Rogers’ Copy Chief Live.

    But I’m putting everything on the line for you at Titanides Live. Because next year I want to see YOU grab the million-dollar control, launch your own business, and sail pass the finish line. I want to see YOU on the stage, behind the microphone, teaching and training and paying it forward.

    Are you in?

    ​What women like you are saying about Titanides

    What women like you are saying about Titanides

    Why come to Titanides Live? Because in today’s world, you need an army of Greek warriors fighting at your shoulder, standing by your side, and watching your back.

    Here’s what a few of the Titanides had to say about our last meeting…

    “I was looking forward to this event as a highlight of the conference because I knew I’d feel very comfortable with a smaller group of women – Amazing!”

    “This has been a terrific breath of air; friendship; support; thought provoking…”

    “Inspiring to see / hear / feel that there are women available to me – whatever level I come at…”

    “Warm spontaneous group of women; beyond expectations…”

    “I loved the connection with other female copywriters… After 6+ conferences, I feel like I have a place ...”

    The Entire Titanides Team Has Your Back…

    Titanides has grown faster than I could ever imagine. And this container has expanded far beyond my own small two hands.

    So I did what I always do. I called in a few fabulous women to join me. These incredible Titanides have been working behind the scenes with me for months to put together an extraordinary experience for you at our first conference in October and to build a community that can support and empower women for decades to come.

    Titanides Live is being co-created with the fabulous Jen Adams, Chief Operating Officer, Pauline Longdon, Chief Marketing Officer, Karina Bone, Goddess of Web Development, and Jennifer Wells, our incredible Titaness of Project Management.

    These amazing women are all working together to create an incredible experience for you at Titanides Live.

    I’ve been blessed to build and work with teams of talented women for years… both with my agency and now with the Titanides. For me the value of community is that we inspire and motivate each other, we come up with better, more creative solutions, and we can go farther and bigger than any one of us alone.

    That’s why I founded Titanides in the first place and why I have now added Jen, Karina, Pauline and Jennifer to our founding goddesses. Because in my model of the world, power is shared and leadership is contagious. And my talents are just one small piece of what we are creating together.

    So if you need a little rocket fuel, an army of Amazons, or a cheering section, come join us on October 17th in Delray Beach, Florida.

    WHEN: Tuesday, October 17

    WHERE: Coral Reef Room (Marriott Delray Beach Hotel)

    8:00 AM - 6:00 PM EST

    Make sure you get your tickets today.

    We're already halfway sold out!

    And please pass the word on to other kick-ass women in your community.

    ​To grab your seat now, before the price goes up, click here: https://titanides.live/

    Marcella Allison,
    Founder of the “Not-So-Secret Order of the Titanides”

    Nice Midwestern Girl Accidentally Starts a Female Uprising
    Don’t Get Mad, Start a Movement!
    Where Smart, Successful, Women Rule The Stage
    Why Do We Have To Explain WHY There Are No Men?!